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Great Game!Posted by Joshua Ochoa 2016-09-10

Although this game takes real time, it is super fun. I find myself checking my village regularly, even offline. The only thing I dislike is the price of smurfberries. This game let's you unlock many different games, and many different locations, such as the island or the mountain, and even planet smoof. Smurfs village also let's you unlock all your favorite smurfs, which usually come along with special perks. Although I don't really like the TV show or even the smurfs in general this game changed my opinion

Great Distraction, HOWEVER!Posted by Diana Cote 2016-08-31

Fun game. Helps keep me busy. I'm stuck on a task I can't seem to do, despite trying over and over. I think if there are tasks that can't be completed for some reason- I just can't bake the cherry cakes. I can't go from place to place without burning them. After 24 hours, change to a different task, the game won't progress until that task is complete and I can't do it. Is there a reason to keep the game? Maybe I should get a game I CAN do? I'd rather the game creators allow a change of task after 24 hours.

Best customer service EVER!!!!Posted by A Google User 2016-08-14

I was finally able to download again (after a few years) since getting a new phone that has enough memory. I contacted customer service in regards to being reimbursed for previously purchased smurfberries. It took about a week of corresponding and then it was fixed. I was reimbursed, plus a few. I was beyond excited to be able to play my game again!!!! I've had to deal with a few different support departments. I've never had one problem with Beeline. Easily the best support department around. Thank you!!!

Ghoasts?!Posted by Nefeli Anthidi 2016-07-04

Im level 22. Today I got into the game and as i went ro the village it started sending these papa smurfs messages about wonders and then messages about the goals and then I gained a lot of smurfberries and opened the animal hut and i had so many animals on level 10 and i just had 2 animals on level 4, i discovered the island and when i went there it had already thousands of things that i hadn't bought. Might it be a virus??

Great gamePosted by Wen Pas 2016-06-20

I am an adult but i love this game, bring back my childhood fantasy, imagination, and creativity to design and construct my own kind of smurf village. However, i don't like it when some huts and stuffs cost a lot of smurfberries. Perhaps a hut with favorite character should be at 10 smurfberries at maximum, also why you increase the cost of expanding the village from 25 to 50 smurfberries that's too expensive!!!

Smurf village PLZ HELP ME!!!???Posted by troubleonturn3 2016-08-31

ALL MY ELECTRONICS GOT STOLEN HAVIN TO START ON BORROWED &/OR WAITING ON SOME. THANK U. AWESOME APP NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS & USED FOR YEARS.I still luv it I buy smuffberries a lot monthly & I have been working on getting my June payment 350 berries. Need on here plz help me. Buying on first of month PLZ HELP ME. I STILL HAVE RECEIPT!!!??? I'm not young anymore BUT I LUV MY SMURFS.

Posted by sajid meer 2016-08-16

Hi all the best of the same thing as well as well as a result the same as the original image to open a bank account and the rest of your choice but to no avail and I am looking to move forward with this mail to you and I will send it to you and the other hand I will be a great day of the day of your help with the new one for the first time in the morning and then I would like this is an

Posted by Caroline Young 2016-07-23

Hi I love this game been playing it foreva. However at the moment it is kicking me out saying my date & time is wrong but it's not. It has been like this since the beginning of the year. I have sent messages to report. It's still not fixed. I Still love playing it. Please can you fix I get kicked out when I leave the village & go to the island, space & mountain.

Posted by Isabel Hubner 2016-06-21

Very addictive! Just sucks that since I placed the little cinema (where you receive smurfbits for watching short flicks and eventually convert them into smurfberries) I need to watch soooo many movies throughout the playtime. Videos would randomly pop up. That is annoying. But love the game and it hasn't stopped me from player yet obviously...

Smurf VillagePosted by A Google User 2016-07-16

I really enjoy this game. I would give a 5 star rating if I haven't had to start the game over due to bad updates in the past. For the most part, game is great, no annoying spam or ads which is great for a free game. New fearures added frequently so the game stays interesting. Keep up the good work Beeline. One if my fave games to play.

Loved it yet....Posted by Hans Uriel Samillano 2016-07-06

This game was awesome I love it. I always play this game whenever I have some free time and I really enjoyed it, my only problem is that the game developers are not responding quickly and also the game size which is difficult for me especially because I love to play about 30 games and it is too big for my phone storage to handle now.

Good game butPosted by joshua le roux 2016-09-05

I had a village at level 32 and then them game frose and did not want to open. I deceided to uninstall and reinstall it and see if it would work. It works but I began over, all my hard wark gone. And now when I open it the letters are like messed up. Plz get my old account back. When it is fixed If I could I would give it 6 stars.

Posted by Simona Dzurillova 2016-08-25

Nemozem sa dostat na ostrov ked tam pridem objavi sa splnena uloha a dalsi dialog medzi smolkami ale vzdy sa to zasekne a neda sa dalej hrat. ....a tiez tie reklamy su uplne odveci nebavi ma zakazdym cakat kym skonci blba reklama, kedze nie vsetky maju moznost vypnutia. Privitala by som odstranenie chyby a aj reklam

Smurfs villagePosted by Carrie Brown 2016-06-07


Beeline you rock!Posted by LK Gott 2016-06-22

OK so I submitted my ticket yesterday to support, and this morning you guys fixed and came through big time! Yes there are still issues with my game. But some things take time. I get that! Thanks for replacing my purchased smurfberries, with it seems a few extra. And my video hut is working too. LOL! You rock!

Amazing gamePosted by Kate Shepard 2016-06-23

Very well developed game,awesome decorations lots of different smurfs 5 areas to build up unlock and decorate to your likening. The beeline forum is very helpful and they update the game often and actually listen to the players suggestions and ideas. Love this game <3

Great game!Posted by Jack Bradley 2016-08-27

I played this when it first came out. Than stopped playing it for a long time because I had finished everything and had everything in the game. But then I tried downloading it again and I saw like 100+ new items in the game and I had to keep playing. Keep the updates coming!!!

I stopped those pop up ads!!!Posted by Cheryl Miller 2016-08-27

When playing the game turn on the airplane mode on phone and it will no longer give pop ups when traveling in game. I found this out while traveling and when I loss service the ads stopped so now when I play at home I turn on the airplane mode and turn it off when I am done.

How to CheatPosted by TheDiamondPirate // KurtJ9TDP 2016-08-03

I know how to cheat in this game to fasten your village.If you want to know follow me in YouTube:TheDiamondPirate In Instagram/Twitter:KurtJ9TDP and Just ask me how to cheat and I will tell you okay For more details ask me in the selection above that I write

Would love... If it was workingPosted by Jess Denbok 2016-07-11

Constantly stops working!!!!! WTF!!!! This game was great, fun and addictive. But now it will not open!!! First game I've actually spent money on for some cool smurf houses and cute stuff and now I cannot get past the beeline loading screen! Very frustrating

Solution and congrats Posted by amazing shows 2016-06-13

I have an solution on how to remove the ads .the ads are there because u are above 13 so go to options press birthday options and change the year to 2005 if this works please reply however this game is amazing and I convince every one to download it!!

One of my favorites!Posted by van saeed 2016-07-14

I used to play this way before I even had my own device! ( I used my mom's phone to play it ) so, when I saw it I was like NO WAY omg.. I remember playing it and having a really high level, but that was WAY before, and this is now! I STILL LOVE IT!!!

Little boy ):Posted by Jay Jay Delgado 2016-09-02

This game is my favorite but this latest version is not working in my phone when i try to open its loading but is not continue she's stop and giong back to my home screen i try and i try but is not work please give me idea to work it I'm waiting.

Posted by Misty Hurley 2016-09-07

This is my favorite game.. Play it all the time. It's addictive in a good way. It brings back child hood memories of getting up on Saturday mornings and watching smurfs. It was and still is my favorite cartoon.. Never too old for smurfs..

SmurfyPosted by Holly Read 2016-07-19

I like how this game lets me choose what and where I can put items down. I don't like how papa smurf makes us put down things that we cannot buy. They need 2 put all the different characters into the movie. They make things so expensive too.

I Love this game!!!Posted by Mom Of-4 2016-07-21

I played this game years ago on an IPod but then couldn't find it on my Window's phone that I had for years. When I finally went to an Android phone, one of the first things that I did was to download the Smurfs' Village. I love this game!

Best Game Ever!!!!Posted by 2016-08-28

This game used to be my favorite game of my whole life but then, my cousins stopped playing and i didnt play it anymore because we started clash of clans but now i got bored of the other games and i will play my best game Smurf's Village.

LOOOOOVE!!!Posted by 2016-09-04

Omg this app is sooooo fun!!!! It's addicting after you get into it!!! You don't even have to use the in - app purchases to have a good time!!! It downloads slow, bc it is a very large app, but I promise : ITS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!✌✌

AddictedPosted by Niccolle Holder 2016-06-14

I'm 36 and I think I enjoy this more than my children, who I don't let play my game they have their own on the tablet. First time I played was 6 years ago, I recently remembered this game and I'm just as addicted as I was back then.

Fantastic Smurfy Game! Just love it!Posted by MT T 2016-08-08

Smurfs Village is an entertaining and fun to play game. It can keep you engaged for hours. It requires real money but it is worth it. The customer support is also very helpful. Thank you Beeline for making such a wonderful game.

Surfs VillagePosted by Nadine Beyleveld 2016-08-28

S murfs village is an awesome game to play but I cannot get into my game at all. When I tap to open the game the screen just goes black. Please fix Or I will be uninstalling this game and it will be so sad to do that.

Love it <3Posted by Edselle Macaspac 2016-06-05

Don't comment bad for this game because this is not sad to play ... I've tried this game since 2014 but this game makes you happy ... This game have a purchase with real money .. But play it without WiFi connection ...

Omg!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Alexander Middendorf 2016-07-26

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Smurfs GamePosted by Arianna Holbrook 2016-08-02

Always was my favorite game, still is but advertisements every 20-30 seconds are really getting annoying spend more time watching video ads than playing with your village lots of fun though and lots of mini games

SmurfsPosted by sharon vialuch 2016-08-26

Love the game but it keeps turning it's self off in the middle of a game. Can u please fix it. And yes I have turned it off and rebooted it. Don't want to loose my game. Got so much money invested in it.

Its awesome!Posted by Tanvi Arballi 2016-08-15

I simply love this game its very addictive.. Just things cost too many smurfberries.. Plz try to make things available for gold instead of smurfberries.. Orelse keep smurfberries on completion of tasks!!

The bestPosted by Amna Aldhahri 2016-07-08

This is a fabulous game. I save my money a lot and I buy lots of great things. And you don't have to be on it for a very long time. You can just wait for the crops or houses to be built and then go on.

NNICE GAME!!!:)Posted by Matteo Madeja 2016-06-26

NICE GAMEZ,beeline corp, i play this smurfs no cheats etc... but i cnt but raspberries no card can u send me raspberries 100 of them plźz=(=( a child 11years old sex:male .I'm a Filipino

I Love this game !!!!Posted by Vince Martin Piramide 2016-09-06

I love this game bacause you can learn how to manage the village and learn about playing and to learn by doing good,kind, and helping out each other, so that's my reasons why I love this game ....

Posted by Sylvia Nassar 2016-08-05

I loved it so much and I'm in level 100 and I have so many things and I have everything and I'm so rich in it but their is the problem of the ads I wish you can fix it but I love this game so much

TenikeNelPosted by Tenike Nel 2016-08-07

I love smurf village beuse it is fun and joy can plant houses and smurfs I love it the people that make this game it is so ASWOME but if jou pout something rong joy can't move it please fix

I love it!Posted by Batoul Tamim 2016-06-20

I hardly love games because if I install a game after 2 days I delete it but this time its different.its very amusing people should invent games like this but that don't take a lot of space

Smerf village is awesomePosted by Sophia Preston 2016-09-12

Its cool it is the most best game in the world. It is supercagirragilisticexpialidoshus awesomely cool fun and cool the best app in the world. So that is what I thought of is

I like the game♡Posted by Paula Morrell 2016-06-06

Nice game I DO like the update and the adds. It's just that people make such bad comments I almost did not install the app. But it's not a bad game. I'm just saying what I think.

Posted by Cheryl Overturf 2016-07-04

I am on level 43 and since update I cannot go to the mountain the swoof planet or the island and the animal sanctuary I love this game but I would like to go to the other areas

Posted by Ali Hayder 2016-07-05

it nice after i hack it look if you want hack it instal hack app them open it press the bottom the good to the the game and buy the smurfberries then buy any thing you want

Update idea! And problemPosted by blake dickerson 2016-06-23

Love it but can make a thing were you can choose your type of smurf and you get his/her stuff for free?how do I do!left stuff from jokey when I gave him the Strawberry's!!NVM

Posted by Rush Roses 2016-06-21

Thanks for the game fixed with the latest updated. Now I can visit vanity studio and continue to finish the tracker tasks. Thanks once more for get rid of the annoying add.

Fun and addictivePosted by Dek James 2016-08-04

Started playing recently and have been hooked, multiple plays daily to check on progress and try and be as smurfy as possible. Highly recommend playing. Get smurfed! :D

smurftastic and problem...Posted by Sirokage Baka 2016-06-09

after my smartphone reboot my smurfs game error just show 'black splash screen like downloading game' (can't log in). i already contact support center. please help me...

Posted by Janet Allen 2016-07-02

Love this game so much. However I really could use some friends on here is just can't figure out how to add people. Can anyone help me with that?. Please and thank you

CrashingPosted by Dave Gadfly 2016-07-09

Great f'ing idea to have an update forces you watch videos for other games causing this game to constantly crash. Great way to get people to stop playing a great game.

Posted by A Google User 2017-01-10

I Love this game. It is alot of fun I could play it all day. There are a few items u need cash for, but u can still have loads of fun without speeding money.(I do )

Best Game and little bit of boring.Posted by Rajavardhan Munagala 2016-09-11

This is the best game, i have been searching for a game like this from a while , ,sinceI am happy to see this gameand please mention the tasks. They are too tough,.

Lost villagePosted by Sara K 2016-08-24

Been playing for years and lost everything, cloud save is from months ago... all the time I put in please help last time played August 23 at 5:30 pm Pacific time

new devicePosted by Nana Dz 2016-08-02

hello im not using my tablet any more . now I try to downloade the game on my pc they told me congratulation ur game will install soon .... it gonna take time ?

SMURFVILLAGEPosted by THOMAS KWOK7056 2016-09-09


Posted by Jeanna Foster 2016-08-26

I love how you can save the game to cloud now if you want to install it on another device. I've lost so many berry purchases by not being able to save the game

Smurfy!Posted by Inez Cox 2016-07-18

I love this Game! I play it all the time on my Kindle! Only bad thing is I couldn't transfer it to my Samsung tablet so I had to start all over on this tablet.

Smurfs' villagePosted by Karlo Hergotić 2016-07-31

Description: -good graphics, nice tutorial, little to hard to earn smurfberries, beautifull huts and decor items! Good work BEELINE! Game is ALMOST perfect√

Gjxhzhscfjfh envy my ID uh vPosted by Taijhon Carter 2016-07-16

Hxhgndifkujhhf CV get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance

AwsomePosted by Beverly Pringle 2016-06-21

Love this game it's the only one that I have spent real money on...ok have loved the smurfs since childhood when they were 1st created love being able 2 play

Cool gamePosted by Monica Roberts 2016-06-10

This game is great the graphics and everything I have no problems with ads and this game is just a smurphtastic game an I love everysmirphy thing about it

SmurfsPosted by Mia Halamoutis 2016-08-26

It takes a bit to get the game started but it is a great fun game for adults and its safe for children to play and its entertaining so i rate it a 5 star

Good, let's trick the adsPosted by Patrick 2016-08-05

For users who is annoyed by ads, just root your phone and modify the hosts file (add the ad-block part) to your phone. Google it for more info. Good luck

I love this appPosted by Lea David Cortez 2016-07-21

Ive been playing this app for almost 3 years,however I kept on downloading it coz I dont know how to save this in order to retrain it using other celfone

Its fun.Posted by Kyle Norris 2016-07-13

When I first played it I was confused, I didn't know what the smurfs was so when I searched it, I was pretty much introduced to the smurfs by this game

Nice app thx for fixing the bugsPosted by 2017-01-10

In the past so many bugs and glitches were in this game but know they fixed it so feel free to download the game cause it's bug and ad free!!!!!!!!!!

Love itPosted by Kim Figueroa 2016-08-18

It's my absolute favorite game... I used to watch TV's cartoon show as a child and now i get to build my own village. Brings me back to the old days

Posted by Luke Moran 2016-09-01

Really entering but too many ad's and can you reduce the price of the smurfberries. 5 pounds for 50 is a lot of cash. But all tougher this is great

Posted by AP3X FUSIONz 2016-09-01

Really entering but too many ad's and can you reduce the price of the smurfberries. 5 pounds for 50 is a lot of cash. But all tougher this is great

I love itPosted by Renniel Santos 2016-08-30

This games is so very cute but this is important games in the world,This is my favorite game.The games is funny and i want to see all level !!!!!!

Dear UsersPosted by Hamza Angni 2016-08-12

download lucky patcher latest version in aptoide. download aptoide in Google. you can click all you want in shop after downloading lucky patcher.

Awesome game!!Posted by A Google User 2016-09-08

This is the best game!! I give it 100*'s!!!!! The o ly problem is that i have not been able to visit and gift my friends in months and months....

Its good but...Posted by sophia martina saclolo 2016-07-16

I have my own village im level 35 ihave my boat and my rocket ship but since im board of playing it I delete it and now im installing it again!!!

Kinda mad..Posted by Sam Berggren 2016-07-17

Ilove the game but ilost 4 turkeys i spent real money on, i accidently deleted them and theres no way to get them back.. please helpmme recover?

Posted by Meme Alalili 2016-06-29


NICE!!Posted by hasna syahidah Amatullah 2016-07-03

This game is really wonderful>< I loves smurfs.. And I downloaded this game at my ipad long time ago but it's still here now!woww

Posted by Jordan James 2016-08-04

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh smurfberries

Level 76Posted by teri Stanley 2016-08-21

I've been playing on my tablet for years and love this game just need to add more things to decorate with that's my absolute favorite part!!

SmurfsPosted by Anne - Marie van Tonder 2016-06-27

This smurf game is no good a down lode it on my tad and the game do not open I think u mast look in to jour rongdoing wen u update the game

FunPosted by Sarah Blair 2016-09-10

I really love this game, definitely a lot you can without spending real money, but you will, if you want to get stuff n go far in the game.

Posted by Wendy Shelley 2016-06-26

Still loving it, though how do I achieve the stardust collection in space for papa smurf? Have done it heaps but am I missing something?

I am no instine butPosted by Corey Devery 2016-06-11

I know a way to stop video ad's (and I am not a bee line staff member. Just here to help ) just turn off your WiFi. Hope this helped :-D

Crazy over this game!Posted by Anisha Pinto 2016-08-25

I was playing it earlier and then lost my mobile. Had to start all over but it's fun.. I'm crazy about this game. It's just amazing.

SmurfsPosted by Tessa Schmidt 2016-08-04

Fun Game! Level 60.... bugs: videos crash the game a lot- too many. My ships are not working on the island. Last update did not fix it.

Love the smurfs village.Posted by Ellie Macmillan 2016-07-20

Loved building my village and getting more smurfs. Love the island too. Moved to level 47 now and I'm still loving the smurf adventure.

I love itPosted by hort barri 2016-06-07

Love it your geting better now you just need to let us upgraid the hunt in the mountaint with money and take of the adds there anoing

BESTPosted by Heinrich Loock 2016-06-16

Best game... Download it... But can you please let you buy 220 smurfs as workers and so misch animals like the snails as you want!

Posted by Jaima Borders 2016-07-20

Great game, would be better if the mini games and daily gifts were changed off and on for long term players it gets mundane. Fun!

SMURFTACULARPosted by Cory Balcom 2016-07-11

I absolutely love this game. Been waiting for a surfs game for a long time and now I got one. Keeps me busy always plenty to do.

Its greatPosted by David Foster 2016-07-09

Its small but no attachments for the game so it is a great game I am rating a 5 it would be £893.90 if u want ur things modded

Posted by Hari Krishna 2017-01-26

U love it epic BTTER THAN CLASH OF CLANS clash of clans is so kidish it sucks This is the most epic fantastic game in the world

COOLPosted by Nailah Shadah Aqila 2016-08-17

This is cool game ever! I love smurfs, but only 1 problem... so hard to get smurfs berry please give me more free smurf berry!

HiPosted by Professor Farnsworth 2016-07-05

I would just like to say thank you to all tje hardworkong developers who msde this game possible. You are all awesome and you

I. Realy. Love. It.Posted by arnel sumo 2016-06-25

I. Realy. Love. It. Becous. My. Money. And. Bery is. Unlimited. That. Is. Way. More. Cooler. Then. That. Not. Moded. Oooooooo

Super cute and addictivePosted by Son Falcatan 2016-09-02

I really love this game because it's not just cute, addictive, but it's also free! The reason why I can't live without this.

GreatPosted by new ways 2016-06-14

I liked it it has good quality and stuf but if you could make it load quicker that would be great all in all I love the game

Posted by Cecilia Villa 2016-08-15

It crashes and doesn't allow me to begin to play on my Smurfs Village I love playing this app so much can you please help

Big improvements!Posted by Larissa Van Ry 2016-08-28

It still crashes periodically, but it might be my phone's fault. I play it every day. It's a happy little escape for me.

Smurfs village.Posted by Elece Taylor 2016-08-19

Video hut doesn't work needs fixing.T o many ads interrupting while you are playing the game.Please Fix this Thank You.

Posted by Marcus Talley 2016-07-29

Great little game. Been playing it for 4 years now. You don't have to spend money. Money just lets you build faster.

I love itPosted by corey snook 2016-06-16

This game has always been in my life! It is soooooo addicting and entertaining. I love playing this game every day:)

XoomPosted by A Google User 2016-08-03

The commercial ads have gone or become very reduced in occurrence. Thank you for listening. :) Still love this app!

Posted by super fun TIME 2016-06-24

I love the game but sometimes it wont work. It stops working & it started to load but loaded almost for a week!

SmurfsPosted by Lynn Foley 2016-09-04

Awesome game would definitely recommend and when another one comes out that's like this one I will definitely play

Loved itPosted by Coreywory Hindsywindsy 2016-08-04

Great great great great great great great great great great time to time. I have been a while. I have been a while

Love this game so much !!! :) new updates are nicePosted by Angel Arnold 2016-08-26

I've been playing this game since it first came out , and it's always been awesome !!! Right on smurf village !!!

Posted by Sidney Benardo 2016-08-24

I've always loved the Smurfs, love building my own little village and having my own Smurfy adventures XD Addicted

Love it Posted by Khushboo Adeel 2016-08-18

It's so funny and you get to decorate your village.lots of games like this such but this is the best village game

Loved itPosted by shahryar ur Rehman 2016-07-07

It was a good game to pass the time , just had couple of problem at the strart but otherwise enjoyed it <3

Love itPosted by Alexis Garcia 2016-09-05

Been playing since it came out. Unfortunately that was on Apple now I have Android. Now time to start it right.

Posted by Chan Mirafuentes 2016-09-02

I played this game before and I uninstalled it so I feel bad so I installed it again because I love this game

this game is awsomePosted by artistic25 tural 2016-08-17

I have been doing this since a couple of years so I guess its time to out 5 stars but it still lagged sometimes

Posted by JASMINE LANCASTER 2016-07-12

Really cute fun game made by a wonderful company that helps if needed my daughter plays for hours and loves it

God game hehePosted by Gwen Lubiano 2016-09-10

Its offline game try it pls pls people dowlod it. Thank for how i get papa smurfs oh no Pls help me pls pls

BEST GAME EVERPosted by legendary k 2016-06-10

I got it on my ipod and got to lv 19 and then my brother deleted it so i got it back because i loved it alot

FunPosted by Wendee Uy 2016-08-13

Smurf village is super fun and cute.. Hope zombie cafe will be back at play store :/ really like that game.

goodPosted by Laxmi Mudaliar 2016-06-04

my mother has I apple phone in that we downlode this game it was so nice plese downlode and play this game

king of all the gamePosted by Sekar Raman 2016-08-21

I was allredy downloded this. game. in my tab but. i like this game so much so i downlode this game again

AwesomePosted by Johnathan Joseph 2016-06-15

Very cool game I really like it so many levels and lots of huts and crops and items it's very smurfy lol

Posted by Analyn Flonasca 2016-06-13

I've repeated this game 6x because it keeps on crashing.but I won't give up b/c I really love this game.

YeahPosted by Ella Liefke 2016-07-21

Hey man who is the best video! Thank you for your time. I am an amateur artist, and I have to go to bed

Posted by Hanna Abou Abass 2016-07-14

احلى لعبة بالعالم واقول لا أفضل منها واو جميلة جدا مذهلة

Smurfs villagePosted by Evelyn M. Batiz 2016-06-04

I feel sad cause after i update the game i cannot open it, someone help? Is my favorite game. Thanks .

Posted by Katie Joynson 2017-01-26

Sometime can't find things I have to build as they arnt anywhere in any category but otherwise love it

Posted by 2016-08-10

لو في بعد نجوم كنت حطيت ما فيك تصف روعتها بنصحك تنزلها

Love itPosted by Best Moirah 2016-06-17

The problem is its high space and you know long to download pls make the storage 3.8 like if im right

Posted by Amanda Barrett 2016-08-15

Love it!! But why can i download my game on my other phone it wont let me get my game or levels back

When i change my device...Posted by 김지윤 2016-07-20

Can i move my progress into the new device? I'm using android. Do i have to start all over again...?

Posted by thehaloboy 352 2016-08-15

Just like my favorite game Santa's but hate the crashes and I liked the game till it crashed on me

ProblemPosted by roy ventura 2016-07-24

If I try to press visit animals the game always close. I love this game but please fix the problem.

Really funPosted by Bon P 2016-07-18

I love this game but i wish you would not have to pay for some thing but overall a reall y fun game

Posted by 2016-09-12

I love it but i keep deleting it because i keep getting stuck on the same task over and over again

Loved itPosted by Chona Garcia 2016-09-08

It is a really fun and good game I really enjoyed playing it because of so many things you can do

Posted by Blare Offenbacker 2016-08-13

Needs more constellations. Love the game and I have played it since I was 10 years old and I'm 16

UpdatePosted by Wendi Archer 2016-07-15

My friend has the newest update on Apple App Store. When will this update hit android? I love it

How do I startPosted by Nataly Frias 2016-07-10

It's a great game with great graphics. I just love it, it's a very cute, amazing and great game !

Smurf villagePosted by Doreen Mcgregor 2016-08-26

Good if it didn't stop working don't like the pop up videos still do like the videos on the game

Can't playPosted by jessica hobbs 2016-07-14

Everytime I try to get on to play it goes to a black screen. And kicks me back to my home screen

This is amazePosted by trent Vittitoe 2016-06-04

I abso-freaking-lutoley love this game, I love games that just continue and that you have goals.

Posted by Tressa Janes 2016-08-30

It's a fun game. Can't wait to get to the new place. Gets better and better with every update.

Great Game - AddictivePosted by A Google User 2016-07-20

4th time installing...lost a lot of real money...hoping this time around it will be stable....

Good addictionPosted by 2016-09-11

Good for passage of TIME and also a person can be addicted to it.....Really Interesting!!!!!!

Love this gamesPosted by Serenity Close 2016-08-01

Good game I just love village games and this might be right on top my list. please make more.

Good gamePosted by Pizza_F0r_ L1F3 2016-09-10

Please make a account for everyone who play this so they can play with their other account..

Amazing game!!!!!♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡Posted by emily hope 2016-09-02

I love all the updates!!!! There just fab!!!!! I would sooooo recommend this game to anyone.

Smurf villagePosted by Nikki Nicole 2016-08-20

Love this game I have been playing for over 3yrs and all the new updates and items are great

Good gamePosted by Hassan Saade 2016-07-16

I used to play it about 2 years ago its a good gamr need some improvement keep the good work

Fallen in lovePosted by Lara Ootori 2016-06-04

Love the game. Played it before and just got it on my phone and fallen in love with it again

Help I'm dyingPosted by Lisa Tucker 2016-07-20

All the way to level 59 and everything is gone after smurfs update something has to be done

Posted by Tangwa Lerngutai 2016-07-13

Love this game. Beeline, you are amazing to create this game. So I rate this a 5 star game.

My village people are blue!Posted by A Google User 2016-06-28

Smurf this game to your smurf right the smurf now! Years later and I'm still smurfing.

Fun, love itPosted by Alyssa Thomas 2016-08-26

Its creative, time consuming, I don't regret downloading it. One thing I hate are the ads.

best gamePosted by mohammad aljawad 2016-06-20

it's the best game ever ever if I can to give it 1234567890☆star I'll of course give it

Love itPosted by Jan Dee 2016-06-05

This game makes me happy because there's a lot of things to learn and gets rewards after.

Danni GriffinPosted by Holly Watts 2016-07-26

I think it was a great game to play with the village I built overall it was a great game

I'm rating it without playingPosted by Amyra Srivastava 2016-07-05

Please full fill my expectations and make you known I hate this company by still I trust

AwesomePosted by Cindy Grych 2016-06-07

Awesome cute addicting game so fun and addicting I love it so much ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Posted by 2016-08-26

Wow it offline game.....easy to play everytime...everywhere.....thank you...i like it..

DiyaPosted by Diya SOLANKI 2016-07-09

Just play !!!!!!!!!!!!it it is the best game and it has great graphics just play it!!!!

So coolPosted by wan azizun wan adnan 2016-06-08

I like how they work on and its very relaxing when we playing this so i rated it 5 star

Posted by Timmy Newman 2016-06-05

It's a good game just don't like the adds and random videos popping up after everything

GoodPosted by Christian Deussen 2016-07-20

Lots of fun and pretty addictive. They keep adding things to better the game. Love it.

Cute houses and smurfPosted by Lord Frir 2016-06-22

Even if they is a game they are still cute when um home I'm going to play it everytime

So addictivePosted by Angelica Diaz 2016-08-04

Love the many different types of quest, this is a great game to pass the time, ,,....

Posted by Caecilia Amelia 2016-08-04

Error while i open with samsung tab s until i update this application,please fix it.

Love it!Posted by Foxy the Nightcore Loving Pirate 2016-06-10

I can remember playing this when I was younger I ain't much older but still its cool.

Great gamePosted by tom lid 2016-08-26

No lag, no glitches, and is really fun, I think you should definitely get this game.

Posted by Krystal Gonyeau 2016-07-29

Love this game play it everyday can't get off it. Wish I can get more friends though

Posted by Steven Adams 2016-06-23

Fun to play but the videos pop up now is really bad cause they just eat up your data

EXTREMELY GOOD IDEAPosted by Bow And Arrow 2016-06-18

It takes a while to get started, but once you're past the beginning, it's fantastic!

Loved itPosted by Taylor Burgin 2016-08-09

This game is really good and you'll never get bored. I can't put this game doen!!!!

Awesome but a problemPosted by Sydney Donald 2016-06-16

This is the most exciting game ever there is one problem of takes up too much space

Samsung galaxy s6Posted by Jennifer Stawecki 2016-09-03

Awesome! Fun to play! I just run out smurfberries to fast. I love my smurf village

Posted by Adel Bakr 2016-08-27

Nice game ☺ i was so happy to be able to retrieve my game on my new device ☺

SMURF VILLAGE...Posted by Felicia Ann Kelley 2016-07-12

So much fun.... But very disappointing that you have to also use WiFi to download!

I'm lovin itPosted by Tristan C 2016-06-23

I a 10 year old and I find this a cute and relaxing game 11/10 rating great game

Posted by Jared Mantia 2016-09-11

Great game had it before and got it again because I noticed they added so much!

Takes alot of space.Posted by Agario Gameplays 2016-09-01

A really good game, takes too much space. One question: Can you remove the ads?

One of the best games everPosted by Thalia Venediktou 2016-08-19

I love this game so much ive had on every divise i own and now its on my phone!

LOVE IT!Posted by The Minnesota toon Olson 2016-08-16

No complaints, no rants, no rage, no NOTHING. Great game install if you will☺

Posted by Eliza Bub 2016-08-05

I love this game. I never get bored of it and it's always so fun to play with.

HackPosted by Raku ichijao 2016-07-29

I just hack this game and than the GM game know about it and reset my villagers

Good gamePosted by Georgia Williams 2016-09-04

Only problem is they are not giving me my smurf berry bits for watching videos

AwosomePosted by prithis roy 2016-08-21

It is best games than clash of clans very cute games and very interesting game

So much funPosted by Rev Up 2016-07-25

I love it I've had so much fun playing it and stuff so ya got game over all :)

Posted by Lidija Milosheva 2016-06-21

The best game ever and ever. I love it, and I play every day for about 4 years

Good gamePosted by Leslieann Gill 2016-09-01

Enjoying it very much.....loving the new features........continuing to enjoy!

Love it!Posted by Elizabeth Kleynhans 2016-08-14

Love playing the various games. Also enjoying the opportunity to be creative.

Since I Was 6 Years oldPosted by NBA LIVE MASTER 2016-08-09

i played this game since i was 6yrs old but now im 10 yrs old i still love it

Loved itPosted by sean stafford 2016-07-28

I had it but deleted it now getting it back so great graphics love the smurfs

Best game everPosted by sethjohnston johnston 2016-07-21

Im 8 im using my dads tablet when he was little but nevermind that I love it.

Posted by Renee Rivers 2016-07-19

But I bought sum berry's and I never got them and still haven't received them

Posted by Joel Browning 2016-07-14

Like this game so far please update &upgrade this game. Please Thank you.

Love itPosted by Mike Katu 2016-06-18

I love playing this game me and my sister are always on it it is really funny

Best gamePosted by Loohy Al Hinai 2016-06-16

Every one in my family is playing it☺☺☺☺☺I don't care what they say

Posted by Nikki Rackley 2017-01-26

I love this game...i have played it over 6 years but have stated over alot...

Nice game but....Posted by shiva raghav 2016-06-25

It's always iretating me with more ads plz.. do some thing for next update..

Posted by Sandra Bramble 2017-01-26

Wtf I just updated n all it does now is saying its statring, please fix this

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