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Changes have been really good, loving itPosted by A Google User 2016-07-31

I really like playing this game and the graphics are really good. I just wish that smurf berries were easier to achieve and each level didn't take so long to finish. I'm mean I literally take over a week or more to finish one and that's only if I keep up with my crops and do each mini game right. I also wish access to certain smurfs opened up quicker. The pace just needs to be faster. I really like that they give different grounds like the island and mountain, keeps me entertained. Update: great add ons.

I love this game and really would like to give it like a 4.5,Posted by A Google User 2016-06-07

It is a very fun game the story line quest are enough to keep me entertained(though more would be pleasant) but not overwhelming. I'd give it 5+ in a heartbeat if the game would transfer when I get a new devices, I've spent real money and hate to lose what I've bought. I tried out the new Smurfs game it was very underwhelmed the only thing it had that I wish this when did was the ability to store items and to sell items you no longer wish to have I prefer this game much much more

LOVE ITPosted by Gary Potter 2016-07-18

I have always loved this game since I was young, however it is really annoying how if you have a huge empire of smurfs and then your tablet or phone starts messing up on you, so you need to reset it but you can't save your village to Facebook or anything you can only share the game. And so when you reset your tablet or phone all your progress is lost. I would really love if they would add that. Other than that I love this game to pieces :D

Game has too many bugsPosted by Kay A 2016-08-25

SV is fun game but has too many updates with bugs. Never played a game that updates every few weeks. Lost all friends with last update plus game designed so player needs to spend real $$ to purchase smurfberries..very few free SB in the sometimes takes weeks to collect enough berries to buy item for your village. Players with highest levels usually spend the most $$....would rate 5 stars if game awarded more free smurfberries.

Fun but many technical issuesPosted by kathy z 2016-07-27

The game is addictive and fun. However, because it has a lot of issues, you can either lose your progress or do not earn your rewards due to known bugs. The tech support has always been prompt in responding to my ticket. I find playing with WiFi off is less glitchy-no bad device time and berries and coins don't disappear . Also, check user reviews before doing any updates. Overall, I really like this game.

Posted by Angela Lai 2016-08-04

Stmurfs village l lost whole game , had to restart from beginning. I don't like winter scene but cannot revert !!I!!! Game stops suddenly too often, every 20-30 seconds and necessitates restart -- very frustrating !!! Game stoppage has lessen a little, remaining comments still valid. Enjoyable game itself but marred by TOO MANY unwelcome and long ads interrupting at most inappropriate moments.

Brilliant gamePosted by Alina Syed 2016-06-18

I like this game cause I love the smurfs, but it's a simple game where you build ur own smurfy village & there r lots of missions to do. It is very hard to get smurf berry after spending them all if you don't want 2 spend real money on it. Especially when most things u need r 4 berries. Also as I had 2 restart my phone my saved game wouldn't load so I had 2 start all over again.:(

SmurfsPosted by Chauntelle Wilkinson 2016-07-30

Love love love this game ...but im having constant problems and im not get xp points on some completion. Also it keeps telling me to buy another animal to the sanitary:( ive done it so many times and doesnt reward me .buying smurfberries and also not always getting my bonus prize for doing so. I now havent been albe to play all week as it wont even so devistated!!!

Great GamePosted by Charlotte Drew 2016-08-20

Loving the game master with all his incredible rewards! All other aspects of the game just as fun, easy to use and fantastic as ever. The only reason I'm not rating 5 stars is because of the ads that pop up each time I travel to a new area of my village. If you could remove them and just keep the ads in the video hut then I wouldn't be able to fault this game.

almost perfectPosted by Jen C 2016-08-06

all the problems I had are now fixed! :) I'm super happy!! i can play everything and collect all my smurf berries. the only complaint I have, is that the adds appear way too often! every time we switch lands is a bit much! and sometimes it goes crazy and it goes off like every 5min. other then that I love love this game!

Smurf villagePosted by kori moore 2016-08-03

Love the game it is very easy to play my nieces love to build the village I'm addicted to this game the only thing that I have trouble with is tracker smurf he doesn't stay as long as he says and when you get to level 34 the game stops for some reason i really love the game and wish they would fix the issue

Great gamePosted by SiGee Goff 2016-07-01

I'm addicted to this game! My only issue is that since I've advanced in the game sometimes when I'm moving from the mainland to one of the other territories, or vise versa, it will kick me off. I don't know if this is a game glitch or just my cheap phone though so that may have nothing to do with the app.

Best game, awful glitchesPosted by Andrew Scheffler 2016-07-14

It may be the beast game I have ever played but sometimes the glitches a UNBAREABLE like when you wait 9 hours for some timing that should only take 5 hours because of the stupid glitch. And there are more glitches like the smurf count and ad freeze glithes. But other than the glitches, BEST GAME EVER!!!

Dreamy's Raft Hut...Posted by Laura Lee 2016-08-04

Hasn't been working properly for weeks now. I have 2 smurfs that I sent out for dye, for 24 hours & they still aren't back. I can't even click on it to see how much time is left. Which really they should've been back weeks ago. I can't complete any missions. Other than that, I do love the game.

UmmmPosted by 2016-08-18

I spent 30 minutes trying to get the game to load an it said that I needed a app called Google play games so I got the app and the thing still won't load I have played this game before and I loved it but it won't load so I will give it one last chance and then I will delete it if it does not work

Fun and addictivePosted by Karie Penix 2016-06-24

I love playing, and so does my 7yr old niece. The only problem is the amount of commercials! I get watching them for smurfberries, but holy cow every time I go to a different area BAMMMM.....another commercial. It gets very frustrating. Other than that issue love the game.

Can't collect smurfberries in the main villagePosted by Ida G. 2016-06-14

One bug left to fix...when it's time to collect SB, the timer resets back to 7 days without me collecting and there are no SB. It happens only in the main village. Otherwise it's all good. Annoyed by the video ads, otherwise it would be 5 stars. I love this game.

Posted by 2016-08-24

Um what's up with the new update I got a smurf hut that was berries and the smurf disappeared you were spapost to be able to find black dust piles and tap on them and watch the smurf clean the pile up but that smurf is gone and there is no dirt piles please fix

Village keeps crashingPosted by Riley Andrews 2016-09-03

My surfs village the island has now been crashing for the last month as soon as go onto it please fix this problem I'm on level 31 and have spent a lot of money on this game I've tried reporting the problem but never seems to sends PLEASE FIX THIS FAULT

Help it won't let me startPosted by Ella Basa 2016-09-05

Help I love this game but it's not letting me start the game when I press it it just show a starting loading screen but it doesn't let me play it I already had to restart the game 3 times and I don't want to restart this game again so please help me

Awesome! But..Posted by Minato Namikaze 2016-08-20

This is a very cool and awesome game, have been playing for 3-5 years and now I'm above 13 and want to change my age. The game isn't allowing be to log in from Facebook or use the VIP store because it thinks I'm still below 13. Pleae help, Beeline!

Posted by Sophie Woods 2017-01-26

Overall it's a fun and addictive game. Although one little detail is bugging me you need to change the way you get flower seeds; instead of getting them as a gift you need to have them already unlocked. Change this one detail for five stars.

Decent.Posted by Perry Burgess 2016-07-07

I like the choice of frequency in playing. Can play all day or just once or twice for five minutes. Good option there. Only one complaint.. Constantly told my device has the wrong time. It's set by the Internet how is this possible lol

Posted by Sara Abbate 2016-08-25

I used to love this game on my other tablet (which died) now I can't even get the game to start because of the incredibly stupid pop up at the beginning of this one. Will not let me start the game. Uninstalling right now.

Smurfs villagePosted by Mae Benoit 2016-08-29

Love it cute game..just wished the berries wete easier to get.. i dont like paying to play games on my tablet..but lots of work you can earn them ok..things cost alot to buy an get for the village wish they were cheaper

It's betterPosted by opoy mira 2016-08-02

Last update,, ads still there, some glitches still there, video hut still didn't run well & i didn't get smurfberry bit after the ads finished, but so far the game runs much better.. 1 star to 4 stars for you...

Totally love it!Posted by Khryztine Santos 2016-08-29

It's so fun to play with! Only issue for me is the hut that i bought that has mini games, how come I can't play it?! But besides that I love this game! Hope you can help me with the mini games...thanks!

More new itemsPosted by 2016-08-29

Ilove it this new update of smurfs' village because of new items in this version smurfs' village is relaxing me to play this but I love this game I wish this version have more animals and hut of smurfs

Please fixPosted by Patrick Justin Production 2016-06-27

Hi, I love to play this game. I even buy extra smurfberries in the game. But one thing is the problem, im now at level 21 almost 22 and I haven't get the ss smurf to go to the island. Please help!

Smurf villagePosted by Janben Ceralde 2016-07-15

Great game but the only problem is I can't open the animal sanctuary, when I tap visit animals the game suddenly stop and close, please fix it beeline I will give this game a 100% sure 5 stars.

Posted by Christina Joanna 2016-09-02

I give 4 stars cuz the last 2 weeks since the last update the swufs planet doesn't grew crops or count time only when I have the game on it does also the islands rafts doesn't work.fix it

Smurf villagePosted by Vera claire Espino 2016-06-04

To be a problem for me to be able I am not going on in your life is a good idea of what you are looking for the next few years ago I had to do you think you can find the best way of our

Posted by A Google User 2016-07-15

I have completed all the quests need for Dreamy Smurf and I have no idea how to get the boat it doesn't show up in my village. Other than that issue so far I have enjoyed the game.

Played for years.Posted by Bick Chang 2016-08-25

I have been playing for years and the advertising isn't so bad. Probably have to watch about 2 or 3 with each play but it does crash when it shows an ad which is shown portrait.

Posted by Dee P 2016-07-18

I dont mind the add's for new games. I dont like it everytime you change islands. Then they dont work. If you close them mid add, it also doesnt give rewards like it tell's you.

Can't send gift to my friend's FB village.. solve my problem please.Posted by didi chrisjanto 2016-08-27

Even i have connect with my FB address n my friend also have connect the same way.. and also joth of us have update SMURF Game.. we still can not send gift each other.. why???

It's goodPosted by Jennifer Thigpen 2016-08-13

I love it all except the part where you spend most of your money on quest and when you have a quest and can't buy anything else til that quest is done, but overall it's good

ΕκπληκτικοPosted by Konidis 2016-07-17

Ο πατερας μου μου εβαλε δωρο γενεθλιως στο παοχνιδι 2500 € και εχω 60000 περιπου smurberries (τα κοκκινα)

Posted by Roy Nairn 2016-08-28

I went from level 63 to 93 and now the game crashes , please fix this. I am vip for life . Today I wake up and my game is gone !!! 4 years of playing for nothing... so sad

Liked itPosted by Skyla Pennucci 2016-06-13

It is so cool . You get to go to the moon, and on a mountain. You get a rocket and a hot air balloons. You get a lot of money if you want something then you watch a ad

Great game but i had problemPosted by Amanda Irawan 2016-07-20

Overall its a great game but everytime my mobile data is on then i went to the island it direct me to see an adv. Then after i click close the game log out, pls fix..

Need different prizesPosted by Jeanne Menzer 2016-07-21

I wish that the mini games had different prizes instead of getting the same ones over and over again. And need more smurffberries. But I love playing the game.

Why are adverts just appearing..?Posted by A Google User 2016-08-10

There was never any advertisement just popping up for no reason - who's stupid idea is this?! It only happened when I wanted to watch ads for smurfberry bits.

Great Game, But...Posted by Jared Bush 2016-08-01

This is a fantastic game. I've been playing for years and absolutely love it. However, ads pop up constantly with this new update. Please remove these ads!

Posted by jewel ablola 2016-07-22

i wish that this game can be sync. and played to my other gadgets. i played this before and everytime i exchange phones i need to start over again..

FunPosted by Faith Ridgeway 2016-07-20

When I first started I didn't want to stop then level 9 got boring I spent all my money and berry's there was no use. Use ur coins and berry's wisely

Posted by Cynthia Levitre 2016-09-08

It keeps telling me to click on the ship to explore a new island, but there is no ship to click on. Other than that, it's OK to pass the time with.

Posted by Alexis Neal 2016-06-13

Please add more colors like dark blue, burgundy, and black. My favorite thing to do in this game is rearrange my villages and change the decor.

Posted by Michael Mike414 2016-08-02

This is a very fun game to play and it keeps me very busy watching the village grow and if you like these types of games play THE SIMS FREEPLAY

Posted by Sara Paris 2016-06-27

Would give 5 stars but doesn't load 50% of the time. I have to for close and stop the game app to get the game to load. But enjoy the game!

Like this game. Almost addicted!Posted by Jacqueline Yeap 2016-07-06

Will rate a 5 star if the cinema which give out smurfberries points work well. Sometimes nothing happen after watching the advertisement.

...Posted by hushelle hernandez 2016-06-11

1 year ago i rlly love this game i really do but when this update came where ads came i started hating it but still good game remove ads

Posted by Riley O'Brien 2017-01-26

I love smurfs and I love all the detail but I spent 9.99$ on smurf berries and I didn't get it please can I get a refund. please reply

Loved itPosted by retro gaming 2016-07-22

Thanks so much for this game. I needed a game like this to help me with my youtube channel. So I can do a series on it. Thank you

Smurf VillagePosted by Phillip Williams 2016-06-24

Still good as it was before, unless the ads are for smurfberry bits or other prizes their shouldn't be as many as there are now.

Posted by Jennifer Stanley 2016-08-23

My only complaint is that the videos for the smurfberries keep kicking me off the game instead of giving me smurfberry bits

Unable to play game or access please fix guys still my favorite gamePosted by Jae Fate 2016-07-11

Awesome work guys whole family love this game....... Unable to play game or access please fix guys still my favorite game

Not like love!!!!!!Posted by Gillian Galueva 2016-07-13

It's fun and I'm addicted to it thanks the person who made this app I love it and all of u should download it too!!!!!!

It's CutePosted by Stacey Lane 2016-06-30

I am excited to get further along in the game.. They always want you to rate so early lol... But it is good so far :)

Great game but...Posted by Omni Koehler 2016-07-17

Hard to get more berries if you run out half way though a level! Otherwise an awesome game that everyone should try

SmurfsPosted by Mandy Orchard 2016-07-31

Love this game been playing for years just would like to see more berrys for rewards so we can build things faster

Story and cityPosted by Gio Juson 2016-07-25

Will you add story mode that they are in the New York like in the movie? I would appreciate that if you add it.^_^

ExcellentPosted by Parveen Hussain 2016-06-21

Loved playing it.. sometimes it hangs and the app closes down and I have to start it again... please rectify this

Great gamesPosted by Frieska Soplantila 2016-07-09

Asus zenfone. Great game! But it keep telling me that something wrong with my clock settings although it isn't.

Great gamePosted by Carmina Trejo 2016-07-02

Would rate it 5 stars, but the notifications don't work and my plant whither all the time now ! Please fix !!

Posted by Melodey Van Niekerk 2016-07-31

Having so much fun playing this game, just keep forgetting to chech my crops in time before they die.

GoodPosted by Edward Richards 2016-08-06

But when I put down a picket fence corner and I press the switch button nothing happens please fix.

Love to smurfPosted by ruth polizzi 2016-08-26

Love playing. Only can play on galaxy phone won't open on tablet. Otherwise would give five stars.

GreatPosted by Kelly Brace 2016-07-24

Love love love the game but too many builds that require resources... like WAY to many!! Come on!!

Posted by Natalie Washington 2016-06-05

I just bought the night bloom hut and it didn't appear and neither did my smurf berries. WTF!!

Posted by Angela Logan 2016-08-22

I would rate this game with 5 stars if i can get a purchase made added. I do love this game.

GoodPosted by Candice Brunyer 2016-08-25

It's a very fun game. Only problem is it force stops a couple times before you can play it.

Great butPosted by 2016-08-25

The system is great but sometimes I get complications with downloading some apps and games

Posted by Laura Wright 2016-08-18

Loving the game until I somehow and linked to someone else island and planet not my own!?!

Awesome!!!Posted by Lady L 2016-06-04

I have always loved the Smurfs!! This game is too much fun!! I love the mini games too!!!

sooo cute..Posted by Xelinda Mae Santos 2016-06-20

sooo cute,i love addictive that when i wake up i grab my phone just to check it..

Smurfs villagePosted by A Google User 2016-08-26

Fun game, kind of addicting. Only wish i cud get more berrys without havn to buy them.

Smurf villagePosted by kristy lowry 2016-08-17

Love this game would of gave 5 stars but when you buy something takes forever to get

Addictive but please fixPosted by Aliyah Timm 2016-08-29

I love this game but it keeps switching off on its own and its so annoying please fix

Awesome!Posted by Bianca Vallerie 112 2016-07-04

Awesome! But, ads are popping out of nowhere and issues are a bit hard to solve...

GamePosted by Muhammad Rauf Abdul Razak 2016-06-20

Great but too many things that actually needs to be bought. But it is still great.

Like itPosted by Kenya Atwaters 2016-07-06

The Smurfs Village game is awesome please give it 5 Stars if you want to play it

love itPosted by Laslo Nagy 2016-06-26

+Longest game I ever plaid on mobile. too -- much temptation to pay real money

MadPosted by Melissa Schisler 2016-08-13

Every time I click on the animal sanctuary it's shuts off please fix thanks

Love and hatePosted by UpUrHeine 2016-08-20

Love playing the game but couldn't transfer my account from ios to android

Love itPosted by Sara Vantrump 2016-06-10

I have had it before but it won't let my download it again"fetty WAP"

It's funPosted by Kim Saldanha 2016-06-23

I would give it 5 stars if there was more was to earn smurf berries

Posted by Jennifer Lainh 2016-06-12

Good but takes too long to get smufberries and cost too much to buy

Posted by habib hazkial 2016-08-24

I like this game. It teaches my son time and resources management.

SmurfyPosted by Laurel Gibbons 2016-09-06

As you grow so does the wonders get different games in one. Cool!

Posted by Angela Vance 2017-01-26

I love this game. I only wish it was easier to earn smurfberries.

Space updatePosted by MizuKana A. Jusra 2016-08-28

Please make an update for space smurf so I can expand the land..

Posted by Sarah Haminger 2016-08-10

This game is a good way to kill time while sitting at the Dr's

Posted by Ke Xin Chu 2016-08-03

My wifi so slow and I cannot play I also can play many levels

Fun!Posted by Judy Gerstenberger 2016-07-21

There is so much to do, and they're always adding new things.

HelpPosted by Maxine Wilson 2016-08-05

My villages is gone this is not my work please send it back

Posted by Mega Ariani 2016-07-23

Oke banget. Tapi sekarang banyak iklannya. Tolong perbaiki.

AswomePosted by Lilibeth Mata 2016-06-13

I like it makes it a great time passer and addictive too...

Love the gamePosted by Britney Lucas 2016-08-07

I love playing smurfs but the bugs and ads are so annoying

Posted by Samantha Drake 2016-06-23

I dont like the adds u put in ths changed it from a 5 star

good butPosted by Sammy Henshaw 2016-07-21

it takes ages to build bridges an food always goes rotten

AddictivePosted by Celina Mathew 2016-06-25

It can be fun for all ages but mostly 6th grade and under

NicePosted by feda jouda 2016-07-24

Good game , but it takes too much time to grow the farm

Epic gamePosted by George master master 2016-08-27

Love but game no virus, no problem, great to smurf day

Posted by A Google User 2016-06-20

Thank you for correcting the ad problem, much better!!

RaftsPosted by Sue Kendall 2016-09-11

My rafts went out for 24 hour dye run 2 weeks ago????

Posted by Pearland Fabien 2016-08-26

Having problems and cannot get back on the game site

NicePosted by Nilpinar Ahmeter 2016-07-31

I like it not love i love this i love smurfs though

LeenPosted by Leen Kashalo 2016-07-12

كتير بدها مساحة بس كتير حلوة

Posted by Aseel Khaled 2016-08-26

My smurfs village it's not working can you help me

RelaxingPosted by Risfath05 Risman08 2016-06-19

My brother is love this game he sads" is relaxing"

4 starsPosted by Ricar Sidawi 2016-08-04

I can't stay a lots of time !!! BUT I like it !!!

It'sfun!Posted by Total Random 2016-07-23

It's a fun way to spend a lot of time playing it.

CoolPosted by Jamie Shane Perez 2016-07-07

Love it but papa smurfs game is not working...

LandPosted by Ko Hein 2016-06-09

There are new lands and we can build more ;-)

Love itPosted by Diane Mudaly 2016-08-17

Very cool game but also very time consuming

Posted by Danielle Clennon 2016-08-11

Just dont like ads popping up all the time

Posted by Wendy de Peuter 2016-08-24

Great game, nice updates, some glitches.

Bad updatePosted by A Google User 2016-07-19

Update won't open. When will you fix?

Great gamePosted by Cornelia Petriceanu 2016-08-28

Great game but I don't like the adds.

Posted by BENNY DWI SETYO TOMO 2016-07-27

please fix save to cloud on lollipop

CoolPosted by DropBear101 is awesome 2016-07-05

It was my favourite game, seriously.

Posted by Azizah Shukri 2016-07-27

One of My raft didn't come back ..

Smurfs villagePosted by Shekynah Corpuz 2016-06-22

Nice game :) but there is many ads

Cool game could be better if there wasn't so many ads and my rafts just quit running.Posted by John Davidson 2016-06-21

This game keeps you busy for hours

Posted by John Davidson 2017-01-26

This game keeps you busy for hours

SmurfsPosted by 2016-09-10

OMG play this if you love playing

Smurf is awesomePosted by Abdulquadri Isegen 2016-07-22

I don't now but I love this game

Love itPosted by Aj Torres 2016-07-18

So much fun i can play for hours

Posted by sydrix saplaco 2016-09-01

smurf village is a great game !

Posted by yanusrri marappan 2016-08-30

I like it..the smurf is so cute

Nice gamePosted by Rohan Thakur 2016-07-12

Vdjdbdnxsdhjdkkg. Hssishcxishsd

Posted by Ghori Ghori 2016-06-21

Can't visit my friends villages

Posted by Katie Ahenakew 2016-06-25

Only thing is all the pop ups.

Posted by 2016-08-12

Browse more and faster please

Posted by Joan Lastname 2016-07-21

It doesn't connect my friends

Great gamePosted by Billie Chibnall 2016-06-21

Happy with the latest update!

Love itPosted by Torri Rhodes 2016-07-29

This game is so fun and cute

Posted by 2016-09-08

Very funny. But takes time.

Pre good gamePosted by Ben Tubby 2016-08-09

Noce gamw good graphics 4/5

Great game fun to playPosted by Chalista Blum 2016-08-27

I enjoy playing this game.

GoodPosted by Sab Shake 2016-07-22

Wish cud get smurfberries

Posted by Carol Matthews 2016-07-17

Hey its what you think.

helpPosted by Khun Satt 2016-08-11

i can't build the bridge

Fun game and great time killerPosted by Matt Hunsinger 2016-07-19

This game is pretty cool

Its fun to play my daughter likes it very muchPosted by Rowena Biñas 2016-09-03

More fun playing smurfy

Good butPosted by Finley Reid 2016-08-05

the plants are annoying

Posted by Jessebel Bermas 2016-08-18

Mag gaga wa nag bahay

very nice gamePosted by Robert Te 2016-07-20

Good game nice to play

Posted by Ceara Gault 2016-06-23

Ads are a bit annoying

Posted by Irwanto Mursetiono 2016-08-11

That is so funny game

Samsung 5Posted by Gamine DeBoer 2016-07-14

Kids love the Smurfs!

HmmmPosted by jerome ellurig 2016-08-24

Hope smooth to play

Posted by الغميجان ليان 2016-07-25

روعة العاب

Posted by minh nguyen 2016-07-22

Good game, relaxing

sPosted by Abed Rahman 2016-08-15

nice and very much

4 starsPosted by Grace Canta 2016-07-15

This game is great

Smurf villagePosted by Zoraida Perez 2016-07-10

Cute and wonderful

SmurfsPosted by Lauralee Agawa 2016-06-29

Love this game ☺

AwesomePosted by millie danzer 2016-08-28

Addictive and fun

FreezePosted by Eunice Wong 2016-08-25

Can't use crafts!

I LIKE ITPosted by Robert21 Fernandez 2016-06-15


Posted by 2017-01-26

Good game overall

Posted by A Google User 2016-08-27

Used to be good.

Posted by april faith mansilungan 2016-07-07

super thumbs up

Posted by Alyssa Marie Cristobal 2016-06-25

Smurf's Village

Posted by Clare Mulholland 2016-08-23

Love this game

OlPosted by Garrett Smithers 2016-07-03

Its OK I think

Posted by 2016-08-20

Great game

Posted by Vali Lucifer 2016-08-03


GoodPosted by AHMAD Usafzai 2016-08-01

Good for kids

Posted by Carol Chuang 2016-07-29

Too many ads.

Posted by Jonmar Sopid 2016-06-24

Smurf village

Posted by Rhiannon Sullivan 2016-06-08

I like it: )

Posted by Puspa Budiardjo 2016-07-03


Posted by Alyssa Chambers 2016-06-29

Pretty good

Posted by Hanna Diendi 2016-06-17

great game

Cool gamePosted by Jason Woods 2016-09-10

Cool game

smilely smurfPosted by Stephanie Posey 2016-08-16


Posted by Maria Celerena Tadena 2016-08-07


Posted by William Saylors 2016-07-18

Good game

Much betterPosted by Taryn Thomas Walker 2016-07-14

Happy =-)

Moderately addictivePosted by Captain Youtuber 2016-07-04

It's okay

I like itPosted by Muhammad Akmal Yusuf 2016-06-28

Good game

Posted by Straw Berry 2016-06-11

Nice game

GreatPosted by Heather Winston 2016-08-30

Very fun

Posted by 2016-08-27

So Happy

Posted by A Google User 2016-06-22

Grt game

Posted by Halima Sadia 2016-09-05


Love itPosted by Paula Hill 2016-08-22


SmurfsPosted by kaitlin malyon 2016-07-15

Love it

Posted by A Google User 2016-08-26


Posted by Jesse Langley 2016-08-23


GreatPosted by Kim Noorbergen 2016-07-13


Posted by Jesus Muñiz 2016-06-07


ShahidPosted by imran patel 2016-08-31


SmurfPosted by patty walker 2016-07-02


GenPosted by Genna Torio 2016-06-18


Posted by miss losha 2016-06-06


Posted by Jenoian Depositario 2016-08-27


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