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Island ProblemPosted by 2016-08-13

Omg third time playing. So far so good until I built the bridge across the casum (island) before the actual mission and now when the ship arrives, it goes into dialog and freezes on "rrrrrooooooaaaaarrrrr". Game then has to be shut down and tablet restarted before the game will work again. Updates havent helped and I havent been to the island since level 23 and I am on level 39. Please fix. Like soon. Also when i open the game app the picture goes all wacko, like blurry, enlarged and tiled. Sweepy smurf has never worked.

Yes And NoPosted by ReadyForThe80s 2016-08-25

My tablet conked out after playing for over a year so I had to download this game on another device. What a bad surprise it was to see that this new version has forced ads. I still love this game but to force people to watch ads with nothing in return (coins, Smurfberry bits, etc.) is annoying. Whenever an ad comes up, I just stop the application immediately but mostly put my tablet in airplane mode if I don't need it for the video hut or Reporter's daily gift. 5 stars otherwise for the game!

I'm disappointed!Posted by Lola Caudill 2016-08-11

Please do something about all the videos and ads I'm forced to watch!!!! It's aggravating. I love this game. I've been playing for years!!! But hanging to watch these video ads are ridiculous! Especially since they pop up so very often!!! Plz fix this at next update!!!! I avoid playing my game because of this!!!! Even more aggravating is that after watching said videos, I try to exit and it majes me exit my entire game.... So then I have to watch the video several times!!!

GoodPosted by Gothmog The elf slayer 2016-07-03

This game is awesome , but everytime I need to return to the village from the animal sanctuary , I need to get out of the game and enter again to return to the village . Because it tells to wait , it keeps telling me that but nothing happens . Also everything is so expensive , please allow us to buy thing with gold instead of smurfberries because smurfberries are hard to get .please do this and fix the exiting problem and I'll give five stars.

Posted by d p 2017-01-26

Quest xp reward is lacking 700 ex for doing quest of 64 hour that is a f'ing rip off. also mini game that give prize are too repeatable in giving same crap prize over and over not really random. also some miner missguiding phrases that lead one to waste hard earn smurfberries like that buy gold to unlock mushroom hut dont actually work. Over i suppose game is fine so just fix old errors before adding more expansion packs whatever

Was once the great.Posted by Kelsey Thompson 2016-06-21

I've been playing this game for a very long time. But recently they added ads to it. Understandable. But ads with glitches? To where it plays 5 ads in a row before I can get back to picking my crops. Not a fan. I used to have so much fun on this game. But these ads make it a lot less fun. I hope they add a version where I can pay to remove them soon. And the newest upgrade glitch it so I can't go to my outter space section now.

Too many addsPosted by Elizabeth Bradley 2016-07-31

I used to absolutely love this game, made sure to play it several times a day & kept up on all the quests. There are now too many adds, it's aggravating to have to watch an add every time you play a game or switch areas. I had no issues watching an add in exchange for smurfbits in the theater, I wouldn't even mind an add every 15-20 minutes. It would be nice to have the option of purchasing an add free version.

I love it but....Posted by Christina Wortley 2016-08-21

I absolutely love this game but since the last update whenever I go to the island or swoof planet I get ads. That's ok I can deal with them but it really frustrates me when it pops me out of the game every dang time! It puts me to my home screen on my phone (an android LG sunset) and I have to start from the main land go to the island or planet just for it to happen again and again! Please fix this soon! Thank you!

I love itPosted by nur shofie 2016-08-23

But.. Everytime the advertisement appears, in the end of this adv, my smurf village always closed!! And we can not choose whether we want to watch the adv or not. Even we have no choice (give us a choise to skip it). We must wait for that one minute annoying adv and in the end my game always closed. Im kind of disappointed. Seriously...this adv makes me crazy. I have to open the game 7x cause the adv. Argh!!!

OkPosted by Foster Fuuny tv 2016-06-19

I would give 5 Stars but ads are really annoying you should get some Smurf bites for watching ads and it would be worthwhile I I will give 5 Stars if this happened even if it is just at least one Smurf bite for each video there are a lot of ads so I think at least one is fair let us know what you're saying

Much better!!Posted by Kim Anstine 2016-06-24

Finally they fixed having to watch videos after playing every game!! You still have to watch them when you travel between lands, but I can deal with it. It will get a better rating when you are not forced to watch videos and when you actually want to watch them for smurf berries it actually works

MarlizePosted by Marlize Muller 2016-06-09

If the game was'nt so full of glitches and bugs with the last two updates and if i didn't have to reload the game a few times and if it was'nt for the bloody annoying adds, i would have rated it higher. Unfortunately for me i am addicted to this game. Just fix the buggs beeline!

PLEASE FIX IT!!!Posted by HollyAnne Banks 2016-06-07

There is a problem with getting my swoof hut. When I was on level 23 it said I would could add a swoof hut @ level 24 but when I got to level 24 it wouldn't give me my swoof hut and now says I can't get it til level 25. PLEASE FIX IT!!! And thanks for fixing my last issue I had.

Hate the addsPosted by tammy horwood 2016-08-27

Love the game but hate that Everytime you go to go to the island or anywhere else those stupid adds pop up. Please remove or I will uninstall the game. I have been playing for along time and I really don't want to uninstall it so please remove the adds.

Hate New Update!!!Posted by Crystal hosmer 2016-06-04

I loved this game until the lastest update. Too many ads! Have to watch ad to start, after every mini game, when u travel, ads, ads, ads, everywhere!!! U have to spend more time watching ads than actually playing. Almost makes u not want to play.

It's OkPosted by Yvan Kim 2016-06-05

The new update is working but my S3 was broken. My level from my S3 was Level 30 and also got the Lifetime VIP. When I was going to play it again. It all started again! The developer of this said that it saves your progress and it did not.

fun gamePosted by Sara Martinez 2016-08-03

have had this game on my phone for years...had to restart since I recently got a new phone...Kinda sucks but Oh well...Having problems with watching videos. (this isn't the first time] not receiving berry bits after watching...please fix

3 stars no more!Posted by Hadi Kesserwan 2016-06-09

I would have gave it 5 stars but the adds make me not loving it and it usually worked with no wifi but guess what the adds dont work without wifi so they will put for me PLEASE WAIT for like forever please fix the new update fix fix fix

I would give 5 but...Posted by Rachel Hurndall 2016-06-15

The ads are getting in the way I used to be OK with the optional ads you used to get the smurf berry bits but now you are forced to watch the ads all the time if you get rid of or reduce the amount of ads I will change to 5 stars

Why does it close your gamePosted by Norma Ledford 2016-07-16

This makes the third time I have downloaded this game if it tells me smurfs has stopped responding again after I spent good money and get so for we will not be getting games from your company again thank you Mrs Norma ledford

Posted by Shelia Thompson 2016-06-19

It don't show u where in the store to find like the mushoom chair ect. Usually on other games theres a button that says show then u click on it and it takes u directly to it..I don't feel like searching forever ya know..

...Posted by julissa colunga 2016-08-19

I purchased the super duper resource machine and i didn't get it. I decided to wait awhile to see if it will show up but it hasn't. I spent 9.99 and would like my money back or at least give me the machine.

Love the game I hate commercialsPosted by Maria Santiago 2016-08-13

Love the game I hate that I have to watch commercials. Sometimes the game closes after making you watch commercials. Having issues with getting to space grove and island. Will start to open then boot me out

AddictingPosted by A Google User 2016-06-11

Great game, very addicting. I only wish the last update didn't have ads with everything you do. It has made the game virtually unplayable. :-( Beeline, PLEASE fix this soon so I'm not forced to uninstall

Posted by Amanda Guernsey 2016-08-10

I love the game! I hate the advertisements. It shuts off the game as soon as the advertisement is over. Sometimes I don't even bother going back in to finish and by the time I go bad my stuff is spoiled!

Still having the cloud problem...Posted by Johan Vinchen 2016-08-06

I already played until having several condominiums, but lost it all after error in cloud sync... this is the second time I played this game. After I left the game more than 2 years ago. Please fix this.

why??Posted by Mimi Mutiara 2016-07-20

everytime I'm going to buy house for smurf, I always tell me to wait for next level.. after reached next level, u ask me to wait again.. and again.. and again.. starting to annoy me.. am at level 27 now

Posted by Hillary Turnbull 2016-06-04

I'm so upset over the ads...30 seconds for each one is wasting too much time...used to love it but now probably going to uninstall. I understand ads pay for things but this was over kill! :(

Really like this gamePosted by Stacy Parks 2016-06-12

I like this game a lot but recently it wouldn't let me go in it and I had to redownload it and I lost my whole game I worked hard at making and use money on please help me recover my game

Posted by Lee-anne Bekker 2016-07-04

The game is amazing, but when I got to level 29 the wouldn't let me be in the game for more than 5 minutes at least. And I even tried restarting the game, it was no use. So I deleted it.

Bakery gamePosted by Jennifer Lintz 2016-06-24

I have been trying to do a quest and when I'm done and going to accept my prize it just sits there saying please wait.. I have to restart the game every time.. Please fix this soon

Fun Game, but....Posted by A Google User 2016-07-22

I would give it 5 stars but it keeps closing on me and won't save my progress properly. I had to restart my game and lost a months progress because it wouldn't save my progress.

Awesome except for one problemPosted by Sarah Scott 2016-06-19

I love this game except that i cant visit my animals or pick feed because everytime i do the game stops responding. Very annoying..and i emailed them and no response! !!

FinePosted by Morgan Stefanick 2016-08-14

Fun but... SO SLOW!!!!! Will not respond until 5 minutes after pressing a button on my android tablet! Don't know how it does with apple devices though. Please fix!!!!!

Normally I love this gamePosted by Annalillia Romero 2016-06-13

I just got a new tablet not too long ago and downloaded the game cause I love it but it keeps putting ads on Everytime I switch areas and sometimes after playing a game

NotificationsPosted by Eddie Harper 2016-06-26

I love the game but it's tough to remember to harvest plants because for some reason the notifications don't work on my moto X. Fix that and it's five stars for sure.

cant play the game.. Posted by ana marie semera 2016-09-09

i cant play the game ever since i update it.. i dont know why is this happening ?!! pls fix this.. i love this game even the old version.. pls help me to play this..

Smurf's VillagePosted by Charles LaBar III 2016-06-27

It's ok. Just wish someone would test the updates before sending them out. Every time I go to the grove, I loose the time for my wonders when I come back. Please fix!

NotificationsPosted by Sophie Warner 2016-08-07

I do not get notifications from the app, I have gone into my phone setting and the notifications are on i just don't get any notifications from the game. Please fix

OkPosted by Rachelle Petrick 2016-07-04

I really like the game. I hate all of the ads that pop up now. I have had this game for 4-5 years and I am now debating uninstalling it due to the excessive ads.

I still bit confuse to playPosted by seyshella joel 2016-08-12

To many conversations pop up which I don't insterested to read at all.. haha I just buy a starter pack, but I don't know where it goes.. where's the inventory??

Posted by Victoria Quinn 2016-07-06

I have updated it twice now, I can get in but after a minute or two it says it's stopped working.... I do like this game but it's frustrating me when it stops

Posted by Geralyn Totanes-Menor 2016-06-29

It would be much better if I can receive any gift from the Grove. But ever since it start no gifts are showing up there. Love to have the lady bug and owl .

Data problemPosted by Tang Sunnie 2016-08-16

Hi game, can I get back my game data? Almost 4years dint play...and recently download again but cannot load my existing data. Can you please help?

AdvertisementPosted by Pam Griner 2016-07-28

Advertisements cause game to exit app when "traveling" to other areas of the game ex. To island, mountain top, etc. Frustrating to say the least.

Please fix the gamePosted by Paul Bowden 2016-06-29

Hi Beeline please fix the game in the next update. As it keeps exiting the game with in 20 seconds or more it is quite annoying. Please fix it

Friend neededPosted by Michelle Eaton 2016-07-13

I am having trouble with how adding friend to my village. Already login to Facebook and know one is on also but we r not on friend show?

Notification problemsPosted by Amna Khalid 2016-07-09

Its not showing notifications when crop get ready or when smurf returned other issues are but now this....the game is great love to play

I love it l love itPosted by kawai yummy 2016-07-28

I love it so so much and I have been playing it for 10 years but tere is a few gledis so if you can fix that I will give you five stars

I'm Having a Smurfy Fun Time!Posted by Winter Pink 2016-06-23

This game is so much fun. Something new all of the time. Had 5 stars now its 3. Sorry (Too many ads). One of my rafts never came back.

Take to muchPosted by terrill brown 2016-08-29

Its a good game but it takes too much resources and supplies to build stuff. Yoy get 5 wood a day but need 500 wood to do something.

It's a very good gamePosted by Ieaun Holbrook 2016-08-04

I would give it five stars if I got all the coins and smurfberries I paid for when there was a 90% discount.Waste of my mum's money

AddictivePosted by 2016-09-11

Some way almost every village game is so addicting but I think this one is a lot more addicting lol sorry if I don't make sense

Cool game!Posted by A Google User 2016-08-07

Good game but keeps crashing on island, mountain and planet. Have reported and received no feedback. Other than that enjoyable.

Was a 5 star gamePosted by A Google User 2016-06-05

Love this game but updated it and now ads pop up every time I play a mini game.....fix that and it will be a 5 star game again!

Its okayPosted by renzo despe 2016-08-04

But it wont let me update it :( I just see new pics.And no update info.BeeLine Interactive please help me here in my problem

Game won't startPosted by Stephanie Glynn 2016-07-17

Is anyone else having trouble with getting into the game? I haven't been able too for like a week. Wish they would fix it.

New update of videos making it worsePosted by Ramyasri Cheekati 2016-08-28

When ever I try for view a video it just stream and not adding the 3smurfberries instead of 3adding only 1 ,please fix it

CrashesPosted by Tjang Joven 2016-07-18

Today I tried to play,but for some reason,I can't press the play button and it brings me back to the home screen,FIX THIS

VexPosted by Erica Osborne 2016-07-27

Cloud save not working..I'm on level 63...and need to save my game....I'm on a android Samsung tablet...Help please....

My Old AccountPosted by Jernie Garcia 2016-08-14

Can i retrieve my old account here...i lost my account cause my phone rebooted...and erase all the files

Lost at seaPosted by Vanessa O'reilly 2016-09-09

Since last update it seems that my rafts are lost at sea as i cant use them now. Please fix this glitch

Posted by rayce kapsch 2016-08-29

Raft problem ever since I upgraded my raft hut I have not been able to use my rafts can you please help

Why are there adsPosted by Trisha Smith 2016-08-10

This game used to rock cause it never had an ad but now every five seconds there's an ad it's stupid

Smurf loverPosted by Brandon Cantrell 2016-08-06

I give 3 stars because there are bugs in the game that are causing it to freeze. Need a new update

IMPROVEMENT!Posted by Marzina Kana 2016-06-28

Thank god those damn videos are gone .....I stopped playing this game cause they were so annoying

Less ads pleasePosted by Catherine Guevarra 2016-07-25

Good game but way too much ads. Ads is fine with me but make the time atleast 15 sec only

Wild smurf hungry caterpillar gamePosted by Jackie Moore 2016-08-06

Not working at all. Caterpillar won't turn at all. No matter how many times it's tapped.

IslandPosted by Mandi Pieterse 2016-07-05

Please the game stops it self every time i go to th island, can you please fix it now.

Full memoryPosted by Wendy Rapanot 2017-01-10

I like it but my memory is full I think I need to remove some apps to download this game

Posted by Mhae Alonzo 2016-06-21

Love the game but everytime i am going to update its so lame that cant fully be updated

Cant updatePosted by Leslie Inocencio 2016-06-20

Cant update the latest version. When I go to playstore it says installed but is not

Its ok tweeter account not workingPosted by A Google User 2016-07-19

Wish we get more smurf berries for free and we want the same thing iphone has also

SadPosted by Heide Myers 2016-06-30

When I go to the moon for the smurfs it is freezing up on me can you fix it please

Ads overkillPosted by A Google User 2016-09-01

4 ads in less than 3 minutes no other game on the market goes this far shocking

Posted by Julie Powell 2016-07-31

Costs far to much to buy the berries n takes to long to earn money and berries

CrashingPosted by Justin Sam 2016-08-27

Every time when I tap on animal sanctuary or travel to island the game crashes

Posted by holly osterhoudt 2016-06-20

i think theres a glith. whenever i do traker quest it doesn't say ive done it.

Fun but...Posted by Brandy Dawson 2016-07-18

Tired of all the problems! 3rd reset for me! OK I'm going to try once more.

Why won't ye let me complete the island tasks. Harvest around a hundred palm fruits and done 30 dye Posted by emma Parsons 2016-08-14

Adding extra features island, space, mountain to make the tasks impossible

Good conceptPosted by scott peterson 2016-08-28

I like this but there are too many ads that detract from my enjoyment

Posted by Bridget Ribble 2016-07-28

Needs fixes for glitches. Too many broken links kick you out of game.

Posted by Amy Thacker 2017-01-10

Has a few annoying bugs that need addressed but highly entertaining

SuggestionPosted by Donna Davison 2016-07-30

Needs more instructions. Too hard to figure out how to get going.

Posted by Carol Asco 2016-08-25

I love this game please help me now I can't play and open thanks

Posted by Loraden Cortes 2016-07-22

It's fun but you have to wait the plants grow or it will die..

Posted by Angela Garrett 2016-06-23

Worked before update not so much after updating please fix!

It's OKPosted by Nyle Blake 2016-08-13

I think it would be better if you could get money easier

Posted by David Davis 2016-07-21

I'm downloading my game and it's really good a good game

ADS, ADS and more ADSPosted by Tamara Brown 2016-09-02

Stopped playing as too many ads have ruined this game.

I wish the adds did not come upPosted by Enoch Holverson 2016-08-26

The adds come up every time I go somewhere in the game

It's goodPosted by Awesome Gamer 2016-07-06

Lost my data cause I'm on another account but all good

FeedbackPosted by alexis fernando 2016-07-04

This apps it take me in wonder ful world of fantasy.

Posted by Kandice Garrett 2016-06-23

Before update game ran fine now won't run please fix!

Whats !!!!Posted by A Google User 2016-06-23

I can not get in to the game after the current update

AwesomePosted by Grace Eldridge 2016-06-07

This game is awesome I love it you really need to try

Wow!Posted by 2016-09-03

What a game and surf valleys is nice tattatta.....

Posted by soccer girl 2016-07-28

It is ok but it takes for ever to get Smurf berrys

OkPosted by Kayla Cordova 2016-08-15

I guess alright but I freezes a lot please fix it

Not so goodPosted by Lasya Yechuru 2016-08-11

It always keep hacking and I am not able to play

ProblemPosted by Rebecca Lopez 2016-08-16

App keeps closing on its own whenever it wants.

It will just kick me offPosted by Haley Wilson 2016-07-09

It keeps on kicking me off when it's loading...

AnnoyedPosted by Serge Exalus 2016-06-06

Can't collect from the game it stay freezes up

IssuesPosted by Shannon Brunet 2016-08-04

Have to reset phone and lost all my process

I took over 4 hours to loadPosted by 2016-08-27

Right now I'm really hating it it's stupid

TOO MANY ADDSPosted by Allison Egna 2016-07-17

There is too many ads and it's really long

Can't start the gamePosted by rosa kim 2016-08-27

After update I can't start the game...

Its okPosted by Kristian Hugebeck 2016-08-08

I'll give 4 star if u fix glitching

MoneyPosted by Lauren Davis 2016-07-03

We need to get more money quicker

OKPosted by 2016-08-22

OK I am not sure if it is good

3Star FirstPosted by rarebell adlawan 2016-07-04

I Am. excited To play this.

AddictedPosted by 2016-08-18

Addicted because cool game

Ang sakit! Posted by Kathleen Rolle 2016-06-15

Sana mahal pa din nia ako.

Not opening!!!!!!!Posted by M Porkodi 2016-09-10

Not opening at alllllllll

Posted by A Google User 2016-06-19

I can't even open the app

Its okPosted by Nick Jaziorowski 2016-06-28

The game keeps glitching

OkPosted by Jaila Finley 2016-07-17

It stops after it loads

FunPosted by 2016-08-30

I like the Lil people

Posted by wayne charles mitchell 2016-09-01

The game is ok

Posted by melanie towson 2016-07-20

smurfs village

Posted by Matthew Makita 2016-07-09

Keeps crashing

Sayanni WilliamsPosted by Breannin Millirons 2016-06-27

i like to have

Last updatePosted by Noah Cranmer 2016-06-19

Get rid of it.

GoodPosted by amirhesam nematpoor 2016-06-27


OK fix ads are too morePosted by preethy prathap 2016-06-18

Ok that's it

Posted by Pablo Varela 2016-06-05

Lots of bugs

Posted by Fatima Jahel 2016-08-03


Posted by Hussein Barake 2016-07-16

It's okay

Smurf villagePosted by Kara-Lee Hawken 2016-06-09

It is cool

Posted by Jeff Holloway 2016-07-10

Cool game

not badPosted by Illa Nasir 2016-06-29

best game

Good gamePosted by Deandre johnson 2016-06-07

Good game

Posted by Warda Alsawafi 2016-06-14


Posted by DRUMIXDEN by Reiden 2016-06-11


Posted by Laira Jane Labang 2016-06-10


SmurfsPosted by Mayowa Segun-Agboola 2016-06-05

It ok

NavinPosted by NAVIN NAVIN 2016-07-13


GoodPosted by Karen Sharp 2016-06-05


Smurf's VillagePosted by Richard Chauvette 2016-08-13


tohjfnPosted by 2016-09-04


Posted by zyreen fate 2016-06-30


ShhxiePosted by Hasan Khalifa 2016-06-06


JackPosted by Thomas Lim 2016-06-11


Posted by Sai S 2017-09-12

I had played this game twice over a period of years and eventually gave up. After building so many things, you leave and come back, everything is turned wrong and some fence goes missing etc. A pain in the butt. Let me know if you guys ever fix this, it's only been 5+yrs!

Posted by Lelee Lette 2017-09-09

Takes my coins to quickly and my smurfberries. Not a fan of that

Posted by Ladonna Carlson 2017-09-09

Help! How do I get the Clock, Parade and Antique, etc shops???? Nothing is in the help section.

Posted by 2017-09-09

I really think that this game is great

Posted by Landon Janvier 2017-09-04


Posted by A Google User 2017-09-03

The update deleted every thing in space that i had

Posted by Hannah Milbourn 2017-09-03

Just gone back to this game as was put off by loosing data for this game. This time have lost 10levels and several smurfs & smurfy wonders...oh well its still just as compulsive to play, as ever!

Posted by Teshia Rosevear 2017-08-29

Scavenger Smurf quests keep changing, it will tell me to harvest one type of crop then I do but it charges to another. For 2 days I have not been able to move past 1.8xp. Also, I will win coins in a mini game and not get them. Then pay smurfberries to play mini game again, note I should get 700+ coins and I'll get 40, 70, or some other non relevant amount. Not sure if this is an android problem ... I just got a Samsung and started playing on here after 4 years on my apple. Had to accept my losses for switching to Android but upset with how crappy android version is.

Posted by Do-Re-Mi Stone 2017-08-25

Just how big is this game..

Posted by Narelle Kiker 2017-08-24

Game keeps dropping out and reseting

Posted by Joel Browning 2017-08-21

I like this game so far please keep updating the game & upload the game a lot more thank you. Joel

Posted by Clarissa Johnson 2017-08-18

Getting disappointed, do extra "missions" to earn smurf berries and I didnt get the smurf berries. Click bait....the all it is. I wouldn't waste time doing "extra missions" because then when you do these extra missions you've gone thru all these surveys and do all the proper get nothing but junk emails all the time.

Posted by Shari Pagan 2017-08-16

Game is OK. When it works. When 80% the time it doesn't. Glad I've never paid a cent on this game.

Posted by emily hurdle 2017-08-12

Okay so I do really love the game and everything but today for some reason it's making me download it again when I already got the app. Can someone please tell me why this is happening?

Posted by Karri Kuhaulua 2017-08-11

Super cute game! BUT the rewards are too few and far between. There is frustratingly little village growth without in-app purchases. It is possible but it takes forever. I like that I can play off line. I like the graphics. Whatever the update did, the game swipe sensitivty seems off meaning that where I would have normally tapped, let's say on a ready to harvest crop, the area to tap now is off. Sometimes, I am tapping so many times to pick its xp. I dont even touch Painter's game anymore because the brush strokes are also off. The villages and other game areas gets cluttered with alot of junk you are required to place but may not be ready to develop due to not having the required resources to build so much at once. So you have to do something or place a building instead of having the choice to do so. It would be great to acquire smurfberries at a better rate of time or reward (not for purchase, I mean) or that items were cheaper. I'd also appreciate if the second-chance mini-game prizes were free or cost less than 5 smurfberries. I'd wish that there could be more done with the gold coins we collect such as buy smurfberries. Overall, thanks for a really cute game!

Posted by Misssjenn Obrien 2017-08-08

Love this game.. but I lost my village along time ago and I keep having to restart my game. Tried the tap on papas head 17 times and no luck. Not only that but I spent $150.00 on this game and I did everything customer service told me to do and my money was never sent back to my village. I still play this game but I refuse to spend anymore money on smurf village. I did like the new saving setting. But until I get a refund of some kind I will no longer purchase anything on smurfvill

Posted by Tommy Doyle 101 2017-08-08

Good game I have a suggestion for an update if you can do it get a hut for gardens so it will take up less space in the village island space mountain and grove please take this to consideration

Posted by Bonnie Wiebe 2017-08-06

Wondering why I can play off line but soon as I try to play online I get booted off? Also kinda long and hard to build all the stuff asked to build without having to put in real money for when you need smurf berries, wood, stones... All in all it's fun just would need some fixing.

Posted by Crestian Tadlip 2017-08-05


Posted by Yonattan Sentosa 2017-08-03

bored with the add, already removed the game

Posted by Hey it's Claire 2017-08-02

i hope people who's been level 60 or 70 and up can have access to VIP.

Posted by the beast candian 2017-08-02

Good game

Posted by kimberley Alexander 2017-08-01

It's a lovely game to play with your children

Posted by Crystal Loxley 2017-07-29

I spent so long on this game building and collecting berries and all of a sudden the game glitches to almost the beginning g. I don't even have swoof planet or grandpa's mountain anymore

Posted by purvi Parekh 2017-07-28

It is of very large mb

Posted by Lissie Hedrick 2017-07-28

I love the Smurfs. The game would be better if it didn't keep crashing every 5 minutes.

Posted by Pixie Dust 2017-07-27

Not impressed with ir interactive ads....i shouldnt have to install a game i dont like to get a smurfberry....i watch the ads aint that enough....Papa smurfs game is out of sync

Posted by 2017-07-27

Nyc tym pass game

Posted by Brenda Rubirosa 2017-07-26

Is getting better, there are lots of things to do and new things everyday. Is definitely better

Posted by GamingBlowsMind // TheGamingBoy 2017-07-24

Not bad, its ok , I have seen better games

Posted by Jordyn Cameron 2017-07-23

The ads suck I don't like the new update but still kind fun

Posted by Isaac Hernandez 2017-07-19

Its good but I really did like this game and I wanted to play it but efery time I log in I have to restart the game

Posted by 2017-07-18


Posted by Sheila Hawkins 2017-07-18

I was over level 50 and it just rebooted me back to start all over again... If I could I would leave zero stars!

Posted by paula alexander 2017-07-17

After reading all the new comments about the new update, I'm contemplating on what to do, do I update and risk the whole game being destroyed and have to start again?, and what about all the new bug's? I just really love this game. Please fix so I can update. Best of luck.

Posted by Kayla Slaughter 2017-07-16

So laggy wen i douwnloaded it was bad so i deleted it.

Posted by Edna Pike 2017-07-14

I've been playing this game since it began and I love it. However, since flash man took over its constantly crashing. Just had a update not two days ago, worked fine , now back to crashing. Items and berries missing. You won't be getting anymore of my dough. Signed Smurfed off G-ma

Posted by Eriko Chiesa Mukhti 2017-07-13

Too many bugs, why? Look at the Greedy smurfs bakery it's so large icons, and the papa labs the bottle and water not sync, the portal after comeback to home from portal look shop is very crash. I hope bug fast fixes... Thanks

Posted by Cassandra Brown 2017-07-12

Have played this for years, and there have been small bug issues in the past, but I love the game overall. Unfortunately, I'm currently unable to play because after the recent update, my phone just freezes at startup, then knocks me out of the game.

Posted by Lau HingMiu 2017-07-12

Once I log in to Facebook , the game die . Please kindly fix It

Posted by Gerhardt Roets 2017-07-12

Cool mobile game. A lot of fun to play

Posted by Angel nk 2017-07-12

Well, after upgrade the game, the smurf game often out by itself.

Posted by Kim Baker 2017-07-12

I love this game but after the update it freezes when I open the game, and I would really love to play it.

Posted by yeo elaine 2017-07-12

super frustrated 1st time play until level 27 whole thing gone to level 1 and I replay again now until level 25 it's keep stop my game what's going on . if is restart again I'm not going to play anymore better get it fix !!!

Posted by Brooke Calhoun 2017-07-12

Love the game but the new update freezes as soon as the game loads and will go no further. Please fix asap

Posted by NAKIA Sharp 2017-07-11

On level 45 game keeps crashing since the update. I see I'm not the only one. Please fix.

Posted by raney Castillo 2017-07-11

I like the game until today. Now it freezes when I open the game. I am not able to do anything.

Posted by Entiegon 2017-07-11

After returning to this game, i expected to have to restart the village. But now i cant even get into the game to play it. It was working fine yesterday after the recent update. Now it just freezes upon entry. Please fix.

Posted by Audrey Amaya 2017-07-11

I love the game but it is freezing up now and won't let me do anything. It keeps crashing after the update. I see others are having the same problem. I hope it is resolved soon.

Posted by Meta Kharisma 2017-07-11

I was in level 60 till it stop and can not be open anymore... Aarrrrghhhh.. I want my village back!!!!

Posted by Kelly Sumlak 2017-07-09

Awesome game.. But when ever I get higher than level 25 the game freezes and I have to restart. Also for some odd reason I went to play my game and I had 53 smurfs and then I turn it on and I have 235. What do I do

Posted by georgia schoonmaker 2017-07-08

Very frustrated. have played for a long time. A few months ago I started playing the game on a new tablet and set it to auto save to the cloud. Less then two months later I have lost all my progress from when I set up the tablet. And it was a considerable amount of work because of playing more once I got the tablet. I'm not even sure I want to continue to play with the amount of loss I had. VERY disappointed!!!

Posted by Cj Jnr Jacobs 2017-07-07


Posted by A Google User 2017-07-07

Loved the game, reinstalled on this phone but my cloud save has been lost. I messaged support about this two updates ago and they said it should be fixed with that update but never was.

Posted by Utama Sugiharto 2017-07-06

1 suggestion for u all,keep saving the game progress before u lost it and start over again.

Posted by dinda amarthya rachmadhany 2017-07-05

I'd like the old one smurf with beeline

Posted by Amanda Eileen 2017-07-02

Never finds my friends

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