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App problemsPosted by Marjorie Gensler 2016-08-03

I play the game and i build up my villege i made it to the grove this time and i couldnt get into the game! I had to delet the game yet again to get in to the game and i had to start my villege yet again from the begining! This is crap that this is the 4th time restaring this game! You should have this game with facebook so you dont lose everything youve built like wwe supercard! I can delete it if it freezes but you facebook to retrieve my game so i dont have to start over again! It a fun game till you have to do this over and over again then it just become a pain! Im just glad i havent wasted money on this game or id be madder then i already am starting this game over and over again and this is the reason i dont!

Too many adsPosted by Jeff Hurst 2016-07-26

Too many ads! Can't travel between levels without bogging down the game with commercials. Recommend one ad per day. Not one ad per level, every single time you log in. Game glitches a lot more often or completely freezes, causing your crops to wither b/c you don't have time to sit through every ad. I have played this game for 4 years on different devices...very disappointed, and will never spend actual money just to get stuck with the ads. Hope the vendors are giving you big kickbacks on their ads, you're going to need them.

New update is awful!Posted by Hanige x 2016-07-26

Since the new "update" everytime I play any of the mini games, it says please wait when I finish, this lasts for ages! I have to close the app and come back in again. It's frustrating! Please fix!! EDIT - since this update, it now doesn't tell me when any of my crops are ready! I found this out after losing 44 golden corn!!! What is happening with the updates?! EDIT - STILL losing crops as update hasn't fixed anything!!!! It doesn't tell me when they're done, I've tried everything!!! Please fix or deleting

Not this againPosted by Morgan Anderson Riley 2016-06-06

I've started playing again 5 months ago after giving it up for 4 years because an update erased my entire village after I had played for 7 months. Now I'm forced to watch an ad after every game and if I travel to the island, space, or mountain. I thought I would just stay on the main village but now I'm forced after the games. It takes forever to do anything on the game now. Will give it a little longer but not interested in playing if it takes hours to do nothing.

Fun but ... ads often close appPosted by Troy Rickards 2016-08-04

The ads often close the app making getting to island or space before crops wither near impossible. Pretty much limited to main island because of ads closing the app! Ads are also to long and really shouldn't even be there. If folks knew that they wouldn't lose there village and have to start over because of never fixed bugs they would spend $ thus no need for ads. Seems the ads were added since they plan to never fix the app bugs ... sad.

Refusing to update!Posted by Batman Batgirl 2016-06-17

For the past 2 months I have kept an watchful eye on the reviews by others. Some have lost everything! Until I see a flood of good comments over a few steady months I will not be updating. I have been playing this game for over 2 years and this is the worst I have seen things. Due to an accident I am unable to walk. This app helps me pass the time during the day when I am alone. Please fix so I can update and continue to enjoy this game.

Posted by Tammy Cherepko 2016-08-16

There are some many pop up that I am losing my crops. You try to close out the ads and it closes out the whole game. I have stopped playing before because of issues like this. I am thinking of deleting again. I enjoy playing but this is crazy. I can sit here for an half hour before I get to do something on my island because I have to keep restarting and traveling to the island. Please fix or I'm out again.

Not happy!!Posted by katie moore 2016-08-11

I have spent countless hours playing this game for a few YEARS now....I have spent my own money as well. With the last update, I'm not able to open the all!! I've contacted Beeline several times with ZERO response and nothing has been done to fix the problem....I'm extremely disappointed with the lack of customer service considering how much time and money I've invested. I miss playing this game!

Posted by Tammy Cherepko 2017-01-10

There are so many pop ups that I am losing my crops. You try to close out the ads and it closes out the whole game. I have stopped playing before because of issues like this. I am thinking of deleting again. I enjoy playing but this is crazy. I can sit here for an half hour before I get to do something on my island because I have to keep restarting and traveling to the island. Please fix or I'm out again.

Annoying adsPosted by Jodi Channells 2016-06-11

I have played smurfs village for about 4-5 years now. Ive been obsessed with this game but now I find myself playing it less and less because every time I travel to a different area or I complete a mini game, a 38 second video pops up that you cant get rid of til its finished. Because of this reason im thinking of uninstalling this game, unless this gets fixed and put back to normal

Posted by Debbie S 2016-06-21

updated on 6/21/16 still not working. 5/31/16 udated and still hasn't loaded, crashes. Game won't load often been trying for hours 5/21-5/22. Game always clashes and I have to restart tablet. 5/23 still trying to load game with no luck always crashes, app not working. Took 2 stars off as doesn't work. I have already restarted game before hope thats not happening again.

It crashes!!Posted by Karen D'Amato 2016-08-11

Almost everytime I travel to the island after the damned ad it crashes. I have to restart my game and it does it AGAIN! I have been trying to grow 5 more tomatoes for a bottle quest and they keep wilting on me because my game keeps crashing. I am getting really fed up with this. Why do you have to play an ad when i get to the island. It's getting really frustrating!!!

Lately disappointedPosted by christina tuom 2016-06-10

I've been playing this game for while however lately the ads have gotten out of control. Today I have watched 9 ads in a row without being unable to play a single area. I thought having ads pop up every time I tried to do something was getting annoying. I am so annoyed by all the constant ads that it's enough to get me to stop playing completely.

Umm Glitched outPosted by Quentin Miller 2016-06-23

I used to love this app but I stopped playing for a while then got the app again I don't even know how to explain what's wrong with it. It loads up correctly but then the icons are everywhere and the characters that are walking around are white rectangles? Pls help I want to be able to play this game !!!

Love to play...when it lets me!Posted by Michelle Harris 2016-06-20

I love this game! I'm hooked and was months ago... But I can hardly even get it to open for me! I had downloaded it before than deleted it because it Seems like I get started, get a ways in and suddenly it fails to open or just won't work. If there's a way to fix this, I'd give more stars! Please help!

Bugs really need to be fixedPosted by Katie Martin 2016-07-21

I like that you don't need Internet to play it. But It's really annoying that sometimes the game freezes in the space land, after loading a video between switching lands the game just stops working & on the island, I'm still waiting for 2 of my rafts to come back & it's been 3 weeks already.

Used to like the gamePosted by Sylvia Ho 2016-07-30

With all the ads added, I don't enjoy the game anymore. It's a shame because the features and minigames in the game are great. You are now forced to watch the ads everytime you travel away from the main village. What's worse is after watching, the game crashed and you are forced to reload the game!

Posted by Grace Fong 2016-06-19

I'm at level 47 and the main village has 0 smurfs out of a sudden. I'm stucked, don't know what to do. The island, space and mountain seem normal. Tge grove is left with 3 smurfs and all rare seeds gone. I've been playing for years now, this happened many times throughout and i got to start over.

DisappointedPosted by Amanda Vann 2016-09-04

I play this game which I loved and was on level 36 then it said they changed licensing agreement and ask to put in the month and year of my birthday which I did and then when I went into it it deleted all of my information or all of my characters and everything and started me back at level 1

Annoyed.Posted by Julie Dryden 2016-07-31

Found my old account finally. I am lvl 19 and I had already unlocked the planet but now my ship won't even sail to the island? I don't like this. I spent alot of gold and smurfberries on all of that and now I'm just having to start over? Will give 5 stars when this is changed.

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICEPosted by Callie Nichols 2016-06-07

I love this game. I purchased Smurf berries, my phone updated, and I lost everything. Contacted customers support and now three weeks later they are asking me for information they already asked for two weeks ago. They are going in a circle and not helping at all.

6/21/16 still not working, updated. 5/31/16 udated and still hasn't loaded, crashes. Game won't loadPosted by Debbie Hara 2016-06-21

Reporter smurf stopped giving out stuff for tweeting several updates ago. Removed stars for it and because game crashes often it stops working so I have to restart tablet often to play. I had to start gave over before, hoping this isnt happening again

Fix bugsPosted by A Google User 2016-08-17

I finally got dreamy smurf and can travel to the island but every time I do I'm only there 15 seconds and then the whole game shuts down and I'm left looking at my home screen on my device. Please fix asap. I have actual money invested in this game.

I really like the game but..Posted by Talexis Willis 2016-08-04

Too many ad problems. When i travel from the village to the island an ad pops up and the game closes up. Also when it says watch video for Greedy's game the ad plays but when I try to play his baking game the actual games closes then too. Please fix

Too repetativePosted by Lisa J 2016-08-14

I think maybe this just isn't my type of game but I found this dull and repetative. Place a house, place a smurf, send a smurf on a useless errand, grow some food, grow more food, play repetative baking game over and over...uninstalling.

Force closed everytime i play minigamePosted by Neria Wibowo 2016-06-13

Im newbie. Its cute game and relaxing, but everytime i play minigame it will automatically show some advertisement then force closed. I dont receive my xp/coins. I need to repeat several times to get it done. Slow loading. Pls fix this.

Many, Long, and No close option Ads!!!!Posted by Kofoworola Shittu 2016-07-03

This game is really cool... But the ads are way too many, long and has NO exit option. It is quite annoying and taking the fun out of the game. Sometimes I'm forced to turn off my mobile data when I play but that makes the game hang.

Beware of bugsPosted by Michael DeRosa 2016-08-11

I put a lot of time and hours into game and was really enjoying it until bug messed up everything. Screen would freeze everytime I landed on the moon and couldn't continue my quest. Ended up being a waste of time unfortunately.

Too Many Ads!!!Posted by A Google User 2016-06-04

Played this game for years, but the newest update ruined it! Shame on u for forcing players to watch too many ads! Ads use data, when u pay for that data u can get a say. Very seriously considering uninstalling!!!

Great game before the ADSPosted by Ben Gerritsen 2016-06-13

I loved it for many years. But now it becomes horibil. After the new update you forced all those adds on us. On the end Beeline will be the loser .As so many are walking away from the Smurfs. BAD. BAD. BAD

Posted by Zita Van Der Berg 2016-06-14

Everytime i play a minni game those stuipid ads come up and the game crashes so i cant even play the game its self because a lot revols around those minni games feeling like im not going to play anymore

Ads ruin the gamePosted by A Google User 2016-06-13

I've went through all the bugs and crashes and still continued playing this game for several years. But the ads when going from an area to another is too much! Please find a better way to make money.

Oka but freezing upPosted by Kate Lee 2016-08-26

Freezing up on the island after papa smurf says calm down its not that scary spent alot on this game but cant go to island because of the freezing plz fix would go 5 stars if it didn't freeze

Crashing all timePosted by Beatrice Marcelline 2016-06-28

The game crashed everytime i change page bcos all the ads.. and i never mess with my clock but every now & then it said i changed the clock & force me to quit the game

Posted by Jennifer Hanna 2016-08-25

Love the game but very unhappy that I can't open it since installing the newest update - load screen gets to 75% and then force closes. Please fix and I will improve rating.

Village got stolenPosted by chanttal Rossouw 2016-09-02

I am very upset as after I updated smurfs village my village was gone and I am now sitting with someone else's village with out my smurfberries and all my hard work.

Posted by Alexander Chan 2016-06-26

Unable to play game at 50% of level 21, at the small island. The game always stop without any respond, seems that it was affected by other games video !!!!!!!

AdsPosted by A Google User 2016-08-24

It's a very good game but the game freezes and sometimes even stops midway. Now that I've updated the game it has all this ADS playing every 2 minutes or so.

Posted by Joanne Kimball 2016-06-24

Great until you get up to level 28... had to reset once already and now again... also make you watch videos in order to do anything... deleting i give up!

Loved itPosted by Adina Toews 2016-08-20

Built the bridge on the island, now I can't go there anymore, completely frozen. And now the whole game is frozen. Can't go on at all. Please fix it

Posted by Jabee De Guzman 2016-06-29

there's a pop up ads again!!! i cant even get my reward when i played my mini game coz of the ads.. and when the ads is stop my game will stop too...

Used to love itPosted by Lisa Ashley 2016-06-24

I use to be addicted to this game, but now you have to watch videos to do things. It takes up too much time, and now I will probably be deleting it.

AdsPosted by mark f 2016-07-27

Ads, insane waiting times. It's just another cash grab disguised as a free to play. Take advice from falling shelter or other proper free to plays.

Updates have improvedPosted by Kindle Billingsley 2016-06-04

Been playing smurfs for year and now im so upset everytime i go from my village to the grove i have to watch a video .... not happy at all

Posted by Carl Shenton 2016-07-21

Since last up date i'm having to watch ads which I dislike, also my rafts have frozen whilst on a voyage. Please fix these problems! !!!!

InterruptedPosted by Amy Ammons 2016-06-07

The last update put ads EVERYWHERE. Play a mini game, here's an ad. Go to, or from, a different land here's 2 more ads. To many ads!!

Lost 20 levelsPosted by Rielle S 2016-08-04

Lost 20 levels and copious amounts of money. Beeline says sorry for inconvenience! Not Happy. Never spend money on Smurf Village people.

Posted by Audina Rachman 2016-06-28

I sent my rafts(island) for maybe 24 hours,but they never come back.It's already a month i guess.Too many ads too.Please fix it!

Super .....Posted by nickdj arjuna 2016-08-01

Need fix with friends list error many times and fix savegame to everytime play back to zero nothing left.. I love this game.

terrible updatePosted by Di Stockill 2016-06-13

it was bad enough before that you can't keep your progress when you get a new device, but now all the adds? its ridiculous!

The latest updatePosted by Virginia Wilson 2016-06-10

I am getting sick of the glitches I have to watch to many ads and often lose rewards. thinking about getting rid of it :(

Posted by Syndi Siahaan 2016-06-23

It's interesting at the beginning,but nowadays it stopped in the middle of the game very often. I rarely played it now

Posted by Steph Wannamaker 2016-08-06

Well its been almost 3 weeks im at level 57 and my game wont be load passed the beeline sceen so please fix

Posted by A Google User 2016-08-31

The game is good but the adds are now unbearable. I've been playing this for years and have to stop.

Not my cup of teaPosted by Erin Baker 2016-08-30

Didn't really like it for me personally, not necessarily a bad game but it didn't do anything for me.

DisappointedPosted by Michael Bachman 2016-08-02

The ads seem to kill this app. I'm at level 25, and can barely function at any of the extended areas.

Ads to claim rewardPosted by David Laksmana 2016-06-25

I cant claim reward in minigames last time i play it just bufering especialy when i turn off the data

Annoying adsPosted by Tatjana Metikos 2016-06-13

Ads every few minutes. Cannot play it anymore and I'm on level 64 :( considering uninstalling it.....

GlitchyPosted by Sandy Sandlit 2016-07-01

It keeps making me do the missions I have already done and won't log on to my cloud save account

Game run too slowPosted by A Google User 2016-08-04

I need to upgrade my hardware in order to play this game, it is too slow due to too many ad...

Exchange dataPosted by wijaya 2016-08-24

still cannot exchange data from IOS to android after 1 year + absence? Ow noo... Dissapointed

Love itPosted by A Google User 2016-07-12

I love this game but the last 2 updates will not load the game at all. Using a galaxy tab2

Posted by steven volange 2016-06-12

Lost my game after 100 days it changed in one of my friends games lost all I had purchased

Pop up adsPosted by Audrey eason 2016-06-09

Really do not like the latest update can't do anything without the ads popping up

BadPosted by Daniela Afutu 2016-06-04

When I play a mini game and ab ad pops up, it exits out. I lost 5 smurfberries!!!

Its perfect but ......Posted by Ahmed Noor 2016-06-19

The version isn't like facebook smurf village ... l like to update like it ...

Can't playPosted by kelly marie centeno 2016-07-04

It always takes me back to the home page whenever i try to open it! Heeeeelp!

Posted by Kevin Lierz 2016-07-19

The game freezes up and kicks you out. Can't play for more than 5 minuutes.

Glitchy after updatesPosted by A Google User 2016-09-12

App freezes and changing tasks a common problem. Needs to be morea robust.

MePosted by Biboy Alis 2016-08-25

I give it 5 star 1year ago now only 2 star because its very large file now

Will not loadPosted by chandra duba 2016-07-29

Love the game but will not load half the time for me on any of my devices

Latest update keeps crashing!Posted by Rina Grace Valenzuela 2016-06-20

Latest update has keeps crashing. Most of the time I cant open the game

Smurfs VillagePosted by Jhom Jomtin 2016-08-29

I like this game, but everytime I open it it's not working in my device

Stop the commercials!Posted by Epifania Ernawati 2016-06-14

Please stop showing the commercials, it's really disturb & annoying

So many ads to view.Posted by Benny Thomra 2016-07-05

It logs .b4 u can play u have to view ads .why.. Its not fun anymore.

Used to be betterPosted by Beth Berthold 2016-07-15

Most items do not work any more. I am about to uninstall this game.

AlrightPosted by Nicole Smith 2016-08-03

Won't let me log into Facebook when this is fixed ill give 5 stars

Posted by Dawn Zaragoza 2016-06-25

Every since the update it frezzys everytime i try n go up 2 space

Posted by Tesia Cochron 2016-07-01

Keeps freezing and ads pop up while ship sailing really annoying

Can't add friend'sPosted by Kim Baithoi 2016-07-23

My facebook friends are not automatically added please fix it

Posted by A Google User 2016-06-19

Use to love it, but now there are adds that cant be skiped :(

Posted by Khia Sibug 2016-07-26

please fix this game i cant go to island... and sanctuary...

Not so impressive!!!Posted by Zainab Juzer 2016-07-10

So mmany ads...sometimes the screen freezes and i deleted it

Can't build!Posted by LEE TONG 2016-09-08

I tried uncountable timed,but I can't install the bridge!!

Posted by Alina M 2016-07-05

Only because of those annoying ads that keep showing up...

fix video hutPosted by tamara v. 2016-07-17

fix video hut I cant collect smurfberries it shuts down !

Ads????Posted by Hannah Heemi-lamb 2016-06-11

Used to love it but the latest update sux. Too many ads.

Posted by Brandon Taye 2016-06-30

I hope its good of its not I'm gonna uninstall the game

Dont likePosted by A Google User 2016-06-05

The ads very annoying have to play with no Internet on

Posted by Elize Rudolph 2016-08-04

App closes when I visit animal sanctury or Island.

Posted by A Google User 2016-06-21

Now they have pop-up adds and makes the game suck.

Frust!!Posted by A Google User 2016-06-18

I need 2 know y my village cant display as usual??

Too Many AdsPosted by Ro Brown 2016-08-03

With the new update there are too many ads.

WastePosted by Virgo Wp 2017-01-11

It's just a waste of data. So Manu ads.

Posted by Paskalista Kristiana Sari 2016-08-06

What happen????my island is broken...

Smurfs VillagePosted by Carlos Boado 2016-06-04

Great game but please remove ads...

FrozenPosted by Theda Diggs 2016-06-05

Updated now it doesn't work again.

Posted by Samantha Burns 2016-06-19

This game has gone to crap now!!

STOP THE ADS. YOU'RE RUINING IT!!!!Posted by Vikki Dubbeld 2016-08-30


Posted by Keagan Tart 2016-08-07

I like this game but its to old

Keeps resettingPosted by A Google User 2016-06-11

The mandatory ads are terrible.

Posted by ku rajpoot 2016-08-03

Give Back my smurf village huh

HeyPosted by Georgia Beardmore 2016-07-29

It barely worked on my phone

I use to live this game. Starting to get to many problems, I'm thinking of just quiteingPosted by Candy Carroll 2016-07-01

I can't even open it today,

Posted by Gladiator_Fire _Eagle 2016-06-10

New update has too many ads

Takes to long to instalPosted by 2ndbestsniper 9 2016-08-26

It took 24hours to install

GlitchingPosted by Liam Ryan 2016-09-08

Keeps taking me out of it

Nakakalibang,Posted by Renz Ramos 2016-07-11

Nakakalibang syang laruin

A unripePosted by Jooja Aljailawi 2016-06-09

The plants always wither

CoolPosted by Faith Cupido 2016-06-16

Nice app it is cool

Posted by Renz Dizon 2016-07-04

I love this. So nc

Posted by Janette Cullen 2016-06-06

Don't like the ads

Posted by Suellen Anderson 2016-07-28

Way to many ads!

Posted by Unknown User 2016-06-26

Its a good game

Posted by ariella lara 2016-06-13

Please fix it!

Posted by A Google User 2016-08-05

Too many ads.

Posted by Let's a Go Gaming 2016-06-10

Keeps crashing

Posted by 2016-08-27

Smurf village

Posted by A Google User 2016-08-19

Smurf village

Ms masemola from LimpopoPosted by Mahlatse Selina 2016-07-18

Ms masemola .

smurfs vilagePosted by Luis Alejandro Casibang 2016-09-11


Posted by Tristan Ronn 2016-07-12

Force stop

Posted by Mary Joy Navalta 2016-09-09


Love the ideaPosted by Audrey Frieden 2016-06-04

Love it

Posted by Pat Jackson 2016-08-30


NoPosted by Perfect Store 2016-07-22


Posted by Taylor Stark 2017-09-07

Im mad because I'm owed alot of smurf berries for doing those extra missions and but they didn't work. Its a lie

Posted by Vikki Dubbeld 2017-09-07

Loving the game again, love the new items available

Posted by rayce kapsch 2017-09-01

Still waiting for you to fix my smurfs the game glitches and takes my sasset Smurf right as I was buying her and 2 of my rafts also don't work would like some help please and thanks

Posted by Jio Anton Moldez 2017-08-12


Posted by Clari Cubero 2017-08-10

My game glitches and freezes and then kicks me off

Posted by Elizabeth Gurito 2017-08-10

At first, I like the new improvement. But suddenly... BOOM... my main village were going wrong. I cannot contact u at your sugestion website... it kept telling me "acsess denied".

Posted by Boyd Kuhnel 2017-08-05

Like game but freezes up so you lose what your just done. Uninstalling...

Posted by Muutassim Ibrahim 2017-08-03

It is not working well on my phone

Posted by James Spano 2017-08-02

This game sucks like no tomow

Posted by 2017-07-29

I hate it the older versions is much better than this it restart I'm back to level 1 I don't like this anymore

Posted by Sylwia Bogucka 2017-07-28

Ive spent alot of time and some money on this game but ever since I updated it the games keeps glitching and freezing until it throws me out entirely. Its a great game in general with fun characters its just such a shame I cant play it anymore because I keep getting thrown out.

Posted by Joshua Quinn 2017-07-27

Too bad this game can only be played on a phone. It needs to be made so you can play on other devices as well.

Posted by Maryann Van Zyl 2017-07-27

The game doesn't want to download??

Posted by Susan Nguyen 2017-07-24

Can't play the game, when i open the game it shows the new update then it stays like that i can still press the things after pressing okay but it stays at the update screen still always has lots of bugs i see lol played this a looong time ago until i lost everything....

Posted by Olaide Aroloye 2017-07-24

The progress of my island has been cancelled. What is happening now.

Posted by Anne Pearce 2017-07-23

I used to love this game, but have unfortunately had problems with it on my device since it changed to Flashman games. With this update, I can at least get to see my village - however some of the smurfs are just little white rectangles moving around and some of the menus are text and pictures jumbled/overlapping badly. To make matters worse (although I admit it could be a massive coincidence) ever since installing the update I've not been able to clean the cache on my tablet (either manually via the settings menu, or with my cache cleaning app.) Has the update messed with my tablet in more ways than expected??

Posted by A Google User 2017-07-13

Constantly shuts down.

Posted by Kate Jackley 2017-07-13

The "mission" I did at the video hut was long and obnoxious, and I didn't receive the promised smurf berries when it was mercifully over

Posted by Caroline King-Alsop 2017-07-12

My statue for 4 year anniversary and palace as gone. I have photos plus purchase receipt. Will I be getting a refund or will you place back on my village please. Exclusive items I have received no longer show up that I have collected. Game keeps crashing needs to be looked at asap

Posted by Lee Anne San Diego 2017-07-12

I already spent a lot of time and money for this game, then it keeps on crashing. Such a waste!

Posted by Poni Rose 2017-07-11

Everything was going fine until it updated. Now it won't even let me past the first screen, so I can't play. Very frustrating! All I can do if finally open the game and just look at what is going on ao one section of the village. I can't navigate around or do anything aboit my crops, etc. Please fix!

Posted by Vanessa Raharuhi 2017-07-11

Stopped working I started getting annoyed so I uninstalled it

Posted by Fernanda Castillo 2017-07-07

Im giving it a low score because the game freezes up every minute and its v3ry annoying so please fix it

Posted by Robin Cormier 2017-06-22

I very much enjoy the game the only problem is I went from and iPhone to a samsung and the data was never transfered over and I lost the account I had before. I was over level 40 and I had spent lots of money for smurfberries and bought alot of things I'm disapointed that I have to start over...

Posted by Jeanette Magbanua 2017-06-19


Posted by Michael Derry 2017-06-11

Since the last update, watching videos for berries does not work. You can watch but won't get rewarded, gets stuck loading after video is over. And now the sand boxes with the playhouses you collect money from every 24hrs will let you collect 3 or 4 of them then stop giving you cash. Need to fix things if you want ppl to actually spend money on berries. I know I stopped until you fix things. And with cloud save not working we get screwed if we need to uninstall or if game messes up like it has in past. And having many wonders would be painful to lose.

Posted by Colleen Burrows 2017-06-06

Level 95. Just opened game and it had taken me back to the beginning. I am able to get previous save from cloud but approx 6 weeks old and have been rebuilding entire village NOT HAPPY!!!

Posted by KTL 2017-06-05

Well this Smurfy game crashed my phone something serious after getting Papa Smurf hardest potion right. I don't need a game crashing my device when playing it. I also don't think screwing with the device sensors of the device from shaking it is not a good idea either. Also life is too short to play a game that's so long. uninstalling​

Posted by Rednaxela 178 2017-06-04

I have been playing this game on and of for a few years now. After playing today and receiving 10 extra smurf berries for finishing some goals, my smurf game will not open. I've tried and tried....turned on my tablet and off! What the heck is going on! Please let me know........

Posted by Ayaan Maaz 2017-05-19


Posted by A Google User 2017-05-17

After I updated the app it didn't work again

Posted by terry wilson 2017-05-16

I've reinstalled on a new phone and every time I have to start over. The 3rd time it happened I said enough game is fun but when you can't back up ur purchases or progress. Call it a day

Posted by alice immortal 2017-05-16

This update not working .. just keep to show me black screen and i lost everything :'( please do something

Posted by Lovelle Verin 2017-05-16

hahahahahahahaha panget kasi

Posted by 2017-05-15

Cannot get it to play game tried to reload game but will not come on

Posted by claire Jones 2017-05-15

I started this game years ago. One day the whole lot went....level 75 and spent loads of money. I decided to start again. Today I can't get into it all. Gutted.....don't think I'll try a third time.

Posted by maria novita 2017-05-15

Thx for reply, already tried to restart the device, updated the system, still not working

Posted by aiman najmi norzaidi 2017-05-15

Hello...My problem is same with the other...i open and the game is black the screen no writting( starting)...why cannot open game...i like this game..thanks

Posted by Harold Tabalno 2017-05-14

It won't open in my mi max phone

Posted by Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou 2017-05-12

It constantly stucks.

Posted by Carl John Lazarte 2017-05-10

Please read I cant open this app it said starting but not how to fix this

Posted by Rajesh Kannan 2017-05-08

It'd not coming because I have to pay / app purchase

Posted by Glezandra Nabora 2017-05-06

I cant play It>>>>>.....:(

Posted by mega seilfia 2017-05-06

Why i cant load my previous cloud save?

Posted by Makár Krisztián 2017-05-04

Multiple smurfettes(stuck in costume change) and jokies. Rafts out, but no arrival time has shown.

Posted by A Google User 2017-05-01

Since the update yesterday 30/04/17 I can't get into the game it just loads for ages

Posted by jocelyn gomez 2017-04-30

My rafts on the island have been frozen for two months. I have installed the updates and no use. There also have been no star constellations on swoff planet in any updates as it states when I visit.

Posted by action reaction 2017-04-30

This doesn't work. It only loads! Please fix

Posted by Hayley Griffiths 2017-04-29

Disappointed... I lost everything due to this upgrade and I can't retrieve what I saved...

Posted by Quincy Agravante 2017-04-29

This is my favorite game but got very disappointed after the recent update. error in loading. Please fix.

Posted by Maricel Enopia 2017-04-23

HATE IT it doesn't play it has to be fixed

Posted by William Huggins 2017-04-18

Every time I get to a certain level, the game starts me back at the beginning. Ugh. I give up. Made it to level 21.

Posted by 2017-04-18

أحلى لعبة في العالم

Posted by Mike Shaw 2017-04-12

Game crashes frequently. What a disapointment

Posted by Jlea Lister 2017-04-07

SAVING TO OR UPLOAD TO CLOUD DOES NOT WORK! Other games have it figured out. Why can't you? Maybe ditch the cloud thing & go for something that works.

Posted by 2017-04-05

I install this game and my game is glitch pls fix it

Posted by Clarence Soh 2017-04-01

Good game just that it keeps telling me to update my app to view my friend's villages when there's no new update available on app store

Posted by Mayor's Nose 2017-03-31

The graphics is ugly

Posted by Estie Brits 2017-03-31

I Loved this game, but now you bombard us with adverds every time i go to the island and the swoofs and you cant skip the add. This sucks!!! It usses alot of data and in South Africa data is very expensive!! Please give us options to exit the add. If this goes on I will delet the game and I play smurfs from the begining. :(

Posted by komal Pardhi 2017-03-31


Posted by Lauren Preator 2017-03-30

I love it and I've played this game for 6 years. Then all of a sudden, my game is gone and it's unable to be found and unable to recover. So I had to start all over all because they put out a faulty update. Not happy and goodbye the hundreds I've spent on it years ago. **edit** and they keep telling me to press on Papa smurf and recover it but it doesn't work. It tells me it's unable to recover from all dates.

Posted by Elizabeth Winner 2017-03-30

The adds are super frustrating, was a way better game before them.

Posted by Coty Myers 2017-03-26

This game is starting to make me mad. Number one my smurfs are swooning bit im not getting credit for it. And I had 21000 xp points on the tracker smurf event and now it said he will be back in 25 hrs. So I'm guessing I lost all those xp can you guys plz fix

Posted by Debbie Peacon 2017-03-25

It's an OK game until you're halfway through, and it uninstalls itself. I give it a one overall

Posted by Gel Ellese Advincula 2017-03-24

I was excited to download it and when its installed, it keaps on laoding to slow. Sigh..., I wish Ican play it.

Posted by Jan Marc Turiano 2017-03-20

A game that must have.. Facebook must also be included for bonuses for facebook users like me..

Posted by Sean Beaven 2017-03-15

Game master boxes are to provide awards every 24 hours but actually takes 36 hours because you exit the game and the time it should take increases

Posted by brookelyn harrison 2017-03-15

Its a great game but recently I seem to be having a problem, I don't know if its a glitch or if anybody else has experienced this but, overnight I went from having 8 Smurfs to....245 and its kind of annoying. Can it be fixed? If so, how?

Posted by Sara VanTrump 2017-03-14

It won't open

Posted by Vicky Shupp 2017-03-13

Love the game.

Posted by Mark Neonnayse 2017-03-12

Lots of bugs. Please fix it.

Posted by Vanessa Sinclair 2017-03-09

I loved his game until the latest update. Eff u and your smurfy wonders that are impossible to complete unless you spend hundreds of dollars on smurfberries!! If you need me, I'll be in the magical meadow playing smurf village 2.

Posted by kristina caramel Sy 2017-03-04

I can no longer retrieve my village

Posted by A Google User 2017-03-03

My old htc ph has my game and i want to play it but that ph dnt work so how can i transfer it???

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