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Posted by Chele L Dorr 2016-07-21

I don't remember what level I was on but it's all gone now. All the time effort and patients I put into buildin, expandin and setting up my village just for it to all disappear like it never existed.Then to try and start over with no complaints bout it just to move a few levels up and have it malfunction.Now it freezes, won't load or just shuts down. I don't know what kind of new updates have been put in place but they suck. And so does this game now. I got so upset and aggregated I had to uninstall it. Sad thang is I really enjoyed this game.It was refreshin not having to have a list of people to play with. Come to thank of it since Google has taken over seems like just bout everythang ain't worked like it used to.Getting so's it's just one disappointment after another. And for a body like me that is pert near stuck in a bed all day."It bites."Just sayin..

This WAS my favorite game.Posted by Lisette Ortega 2016-06-16

After the latest update I don't even want to play it anymore. The ads have gotten out of hand. Especially when they pop up for everything. Play a mini game, pop up before and after the game. Go to a different world another ad. I'm spending more time with these dumb ads than on the actual game. If I wanted another game I would've gone to my ap store to look for one & download it(which looks like I might have to do now)I don't need 30 seconds ads every time I want to do something in my village. Please fix!!!!

Too many commercialsPosted by BOXYBUG01655538 38 2016-06-06

This new update with all the advertising is horrible! Do we really need a commercial in order to move from one place to another or to play Every game? A serious time waste especially when you consider the fact that crops can get lost because of a 30 second advertisement! Also the glitches that are happening because of the ads not always loading or because the ads continue to put the game on hold and repeat over & over is downright frustrating. Especially disgusted because I only have this for my children

It's a good game you get hooked and loose everything so don't bother!!Posted by Megan m 2016-06-27

$$ DO NOT SPEND $$$DO NOT SPEND $$Please fix i can't open!! The developers and customer support suck!!! Stop wasting your time! Ive been waiting 2 months for them to fix my game... It crashes every time i hit play once i open the app... I had just got to the magic air balloon i was super far! I keep asking is it something fixable and they just email back "were aware of the problem.. There's no time line for developers.".. IS IT FIXABLE! They don't wanna re fund me because I just spent money on Smurf Berry's

Rafts, Ads and Smurfy/Swoofy WondersPosted by A Google User 2016-06-13

This game was once good, until some of the newer updates and ads. I have no idea where my rafts went. They have been missing for less than a week. Secondly, the ads are UNBEARABLE! Every single time I move from place to place and play a mini game I get an ad. It uses up valuable data and at times I lose my rewards. And lastly, my Smurfy/Swoofy Wonders will cheat me. For example, I will check it and it'll give me a smurfberry in 1 hour, I check it and it's 6 days, and I didn't get any smurfberries. FIX THIS!

Can't open, always stop every time try to open itPosted by Rose Lie 2016-06-26

To be honest, I really like this game since i used iPad gen 1. On that device, it totally can't open anymore eventough I missed my village. A week ago when i got this this device, I decided to install this game again and start play it from beginning. Unfortunatelly, like my experiences before, again, I couldn't open it today. Its stopped every time i opened it. Never succes to reach my village. DO YOU CAN HELP ME WITH THIS ???? Its totally annoying. If i try checked my RAM its suppossed to be save. So????

Thinking of uninstall this gamePosted by Lim Kee Hui 2016-08-28

I played till level 53 and now I been rejected to update this game because beeline said my phone is Android OS below version 4.1. I was thinking to change a latest phone but no use. Because this game saved data cannot transfer to a new phone. If buy a new phone I need to start over again this game. Guys, I will suggest stop playing this. Because once day your phone will also become eliminate from latest Android version. And when you consider to buy a new phone, this game cannot continue on the new phone.

$150 STOLENPosted by A Google User 2016-08-27

The fact is, when or if you have an issue & uninstall, you can not recover your game. You lose all money & progess... And customer service is the ABSOLUTE WORST!!! Went 9months with NO REPLY or resolution to any issues. At&t & Charter have better customer service. The absolute worst company, they wont reply or resolve any of your problems! I give them MINUS 10 Stars. Pathetic, a company would treat customers in such a manner. I will never buy or promote any Beeline product.

I used to love it.Posted by Rich OKelley 2016-06-08

With the latest update now it seems to be more about the ads. After you play any of the mini games or visit each of the different areas you always have to watch a video about another game they want you to download. Even if you your not connected to the internet it still tries to play the video, then you have to get out of the game and get back in. I have been playing this game for 3 or 4 years, it looks like it is time for me to stop playing a game that was 5 stars at one time.

ReallyPosted by kevin newhart 2016-06-09

Level 92. 3 yrs later and now have ads every were you move. Delete..30 second ads every 1 min. Adds cookies to you phone. Eats up data. It uses every bit of 7gigs in a month. If you have a limited data plan do NoT download. Virus also is a factor. Zero stars.. you can take this game and shove it up you smurf blue a$$.. surprised dumn a$$e$. Did you not know people wouldn't quit and stop spending money..5 star rating is a lie. No one likes this game. Look at all your reviews.

Stopped workingPosted by Holly Welch 2016-06-22

Ever since the new Grove was added, the Smurf Village refuses to get past the orange Beeline screen, stops appruptly. Haven't been able to log in for a week. Beeline sent me a message that they were forwarding the issue to the person who handles the bugs. Great, still waiting! Well folks, it's now been a month that I have been unable to log in or get past the orange Beeline screen, and quest what, no one from Beeline has contacted me. You impressed? I am not.

Was Smurftastic! But constant ads ruin itPosted by A Google User 2016-06-20

Beeline have ruined what once was a good game but is now an ad factory, not content with charging the earth for smurfberries they sold out to advertisers. If you are that strapped for cash stop giving us crappy smurfy wonders to earn smurfberries that would be much mlre preferable to the sufferance you have made the game. It is totally unplayable, if this is not fixed in next update I will be forced to consider uninstalling this game.

Posted by Tony Plank 2016-08-07

Have been playing game for two months with no offers for the garden shop. Also I seldom get the berry bits for watching videos. I have spent around $170 on the game. Will not spend anymore. Been cheated way too many times when it comes to the supposed free berry bits. Have also been charged for ordering berries twice without receiving them. $ 20 down the drain. At this point I will not reccomend this game to anyone.

Posted by ROSE JOY 2016-08-24

I guess the in-app purchases as massive as it already is, is still not enough to support you guys coz you have to resort to these pathetic ads. They came in at all times, all the time and KICKED ME OUT OF THE GAME EVERY FRIGGING TIME!!!!!! Is that how you treat your patrons/supporters/users? If I hadn't invested way too much money and time in it already, I have had quit this game by now. I'm using Flash Plus 2 now.

Ads (some graphic) constantly popping upPosted by Trevor Rivera 2016-06-08

I enjoyed playing the game until this last update. The developers programmed the game so that players are forced to watch 30 second advertisements anytime they move between areas or play mini games. At first I thought it was a bug and emailed support, but they wrote back, "Please note this is not a bug." Some of the ads are for graphic war games, showing players getting their throats slit. I'm done with this game.

Not fun anymorePosted by Rachel Foster 2016-06-07

The new mandatory ad watching ruined the game. What was Beeline thinking?! Plus, this game has horrible bugs that aren't being fixed. It's seems like Beeline doesn't even care about SV anymore and just wants money. That's what these ads are all about. If I could give it zero stars I would but one star is the lowest it will go. This game and Beeline support don't deserve one star, they get zero stars.

New ads suckPosted by Joanne Cardamone 2016-07-10

I have been playing this games for years and now they have ads which automatically play every few minutes. This is very annoying. I have to turn off my wifi on my tablet so it doesnt chew through my data. Bad move smurfs!!!!!! Now it had an error which caused my tablet to restart, now all my stuff is gone and it has taken me right back to the start. I'm uninstalling now. You've lost a customer now

Horrid way too many game app pop upsPosted by Rachel Stout 2016-06-15

Everytime i try to play the game, it says unfortunately, smurfs village has stopped!! What is the point in keeping this game, this isn't the first time this has happened, that's why i deleted it awhile ago!! I deleted this game for almost 2 years because of poor quality and decided to give it another it's pop up ad after pop up ad, it's bs and if not fixed will be uninstalled yet again

Posted by Jacob Campbell 2016-06-04

Way too many ads in the new update. Go from the main village to anywhere else, watch an ad. Collect any reward, watch an ad. Go back to main village, watch an ad. I sat through, no joke, 10 30 second ads in less than 5 minutes before I just quit the game. I'm probably going to uninstall too...which is a shame, because I've been playing this game for quite some time. But are you kidding me?

Last update ruined game for me to play at all.Posted by Josie Vantrump 2016-06-12

I love the smurfs but after last update the adds are too much for me. When I go to other places I'm forced to watch a video then it closes out if game completely & have to start all over watching all the video adds for it to close out again before I'm able to move an inch. Its impossible for me to play at all. please fix so I can play once again & I'll also give 5 stars again.

Entertaining but too many adsPosted by Erin Raycroft 2016-08-28

Great game but I no longer waste my time with it since the new updates all of my rafts disappeared. I'm on level 58 and have paid real money to play but will not be spending any more. The new update giving us 30 second ads to watch just to move from one part of the game to another and after playing the mini games are ridiculous. (I watched five 30 second ads in less than 15 minutes).

Great game, but...Posted by Allison Ruth 2016-07-24

I really liked the update but once again, just like the last two updates, my game has reset itself, back to level 1. I spent two hours redoing the Grove to make more room for new stuff and I go to check my crops a few hours later and I'm back at square one. The cloud save won't load even though it's been saved several times today and the recovery village is from yesterday. Not happy.

Posted by Patricia Ford 2016-06-22

I am angry with your program. Over 100 smurfs have disappeared and 60 appeared in the animal sanctuary where they were not needed. I have tried to move them back to the main village with no success. You have added ads which distrupt play and freezes which delay and frustrate me. I want to continue playing, but you keep coming up with roadblocks that make me want to quit finally.

Posted by Daviann Law 2016-06-29

The newest update sucks!!! Too many ads and Now the game freezes up on me constantly. And on my swoof planet I cannot complete my latest quest cuz it won't count my star dust its been asking me to collect. Which is only 3. So I can't even get to my next quest. Please fix these issues cuz I love this game and have been playing it for years. I would hate to have to delete it.

Posted by Indeewaree Wickramaratne 2016-06-11

This is a lovely game yet hope they had a backup system. I had to stop playing this game in 2014 I guess. I used a Galaxy Note 1. Now I want to play this but no way of having my previous profile (even my old phone is crashed) for this new phone. I have even spent so much real money but it was a total waste. Love this game but can't start it from the beginning again noh :(

New update issuesPosted by Tony Ortiz 2016-06-29

This seems to be the only way to contact. Since the new update i lost access to my rafts on the island. I have all of my smurfs. But the rafts are unavailable. And i dont like being forced to watch all the popup ads either.6-7-16 still cant use my rafts on the island.6-9-2016 still cant use my rafts on the island.6-29-2016: still cant use my rafts, they are shadowed out.

Support non existentPosted by Hannes Prinsloo 2016-06-27

Bought 125 smurfberries last week. Money was deducted but no berries. Emailed Beeline and the got back to me the next day, gave me some instructions to do and told me the berries would be there in 24hrs. Been 5 days already with nothing to show for my money. And I mailed them again and no response from them... So deleting this game. If only there was an 0 star option...

Utter NonsensePosted by Ruemel Viranna 2016-06-08

Oh my Featherland!!! I used to play this game diligently every single morning and every single evening. It used to be my little escape from every day stress and now it just frustrates me. These ads are so annoying. Life is too short to be watching non value adding adverts. Please, I beg you, remove those ads or I will be forced to remove the game .

HELP!!!Posted by Beatrice Newland 2016-06-20

I've been playing for a year and love this game. Here is my problem. A few days ago I loaded my game and my village didn't come up, someone else's village loaded!! Now I can't get back to MY village. I'm not visiting someone else's, I'm playing someone else's game. Please fix this. I don't want to lose my village or the smurfberries I've paid for.

Posted by Kate Dale 2016-06-05

Having to watch all these stupid commercials making me start to not want to play anymore.used to be my favorite game. Had a nice 2 days with no commercials renewed my interest and now the commercials are back. Really awful being forced to waste that much time watching stuff I have zero interest in. If this keeps up I will stop playing this game.

Posted by Ermelinda Capelo 2016-07-01

Second time it crashes. A while ago it happened over a weekend and I had to wait until Monday. Now I can't open it. I click it then it changes to orange screen and then shuts down. I suppose I will have to wait until Monday. Oh, last time I deleted game and reinstalled it. This time I don't want to start from scratch. And I hope it's fixed soon.

Ads Close the GamePosted by Moe Cartoons 2016-07-24

The game is already slow and will not take my phones clock. Says I change it when I haven't touched it. Doesn't affect the game other than an annoying message and it'll be day when it's night. Most infuriating thing is unskippable ads that close the game once they're done. And ads to earn smurfberries don't deliver or close the game.

Posted by Andrea Gősi 2016-07-17

It keeps freezing. I loved it, but had to start again twice because of this problem. I loved it when I played but now I can't launch the program. :(( After the last update i could play but still throws me out after the ad videos and always say my device clock is set wrong. As it's automatic it can't be wrong. So many bugs... :(((

Lots everythingPosted by A Google User 2016-08-01

I bought a lot of smurfberries and got so many different mini game huts and it was taking so much data that I had to clear my data and when I went back on it I had to start all over. I wish you would let us have it to where is saved our game. I spent a lot of money on this game and it's ridiculous that you don't save what we do.

Too many glitchesPosted by Dana Charpio 2016-07-19

Sure it's a cute game I'll give them that, however recently have had alot of glitches and missing items from the game, especially on ios device. Player for many years, recently had to stop playing due to beeline not coming thru and fixing all the issues from alot of their loyal players. So DON'T INVEST and throw your money away

Too many adsPosted by A Google User 2016-06-22

STILL makes you watch an ad every time you change locations ie. To the mountain, planet, etc and when you go back to the main village but there's no reward for it. My rafts are also STILL lost since the last update. A fun game sure went downhill fast. Three years of play and now, because of this, I'm done with this game.

Can't load it anymorePosted by Colin Hutcheson 2016-06-16

I have been addicted to this game for 4 years now I can't get past beeline screen now, but after reading the latest reviews looks like I wouldn't like it anymore anyway, shame with 26 million coins and 640 smurfberries it is a waste, spent many hundreds of dollars on it to, hope they come to their senses and sort it out

Posted by A Google User 2016-06-12

it kept crashing so i wrote support, who told me to uninstall n reinstall and was told it would save my game...nope took me back to beginning!! wasted $$$ and time. Beeline is still yet to refund me for all that was lost by following their directions I wrote above. this is from a yr ago now! Horrible customer service

Posted by Brian Carpani 2016-09-02

This app crashes non-stop. Tried reinstalling to fix issues. Saved to cloud prior to doing so; however, it took me back 25 levels to level 24 from a very old cloud save. Spent money on upgrades, etc and now this. Never again will I downlowad this as 2nd time they've burnt me. Horrible programming and support.

Posted by Debbie Osborne 2016-08-02

Used to love this game till all these extra ads came we are forced to watch without getting any smurfberries in return. The internal clock keeps resetting my smurfy wonders. I was getting at least 7-10 smurfberries a day now I am lucky to get 2-3 a day. Not going to keep playing if these jssues are not fixed

Commercials.Posted by Wanda Mačáková 2016-06-11

Loved this game been playing since it came out but the last update with ita commercials basically made it unplayable. I wouldnt mind rhe commercials that much but even after i watch them the game crashes and after turning on i have to watch them again. Before this update 5*, after it im at a loss for words.

Hot to stop those ignoring ads?Posted by Au Jensen 2016-06-08

Hey Beeline, I know u guys are doing business here, so, how many u want the user, us, to pay u to stop those ignoring ads? A lot of gaming company have their customers pay them certain amount to buy a no ads version of their game. So give us a price please. We love the game, but the ads is totally ignoring.

Yg.dvugbvgfgggvPosted by ashok raj Shrestha 2016-07-14

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Latest updatePosted by Dawn Marie Timby 2016-09-09

Had to watch adds every few minutes which was really annoying,now game won't even load.why does every update cause so many problems.would report problem but can't get past the beeline screen.another update & still game won't load past beeline screen.yet another update & still can't load game

New update ruined it!!!Posted by Jill White 2016-08-25

I love this game but today's update ruined it!!! When I go to the island you can't see anything. Is just white spots. And the stuff you can see is pixelated. Please fix immediately!!! There are issues in the village too. Places there should be pictures is just blank white space. Please please fix!

Smurfs villagePosted by Crystal Ball 2016-06-08

Well now my entire game started over, I was in the 60's level. I used to love this game as it was my only game. Now after the. Recent update making you watch a video to go to the mountain, space,grove and island is horrible. I re rated as a 1 and now my game restarted all over. Gggrrr

AdPosted by Cindy Loh 2016-06-12

I used to enjoy with this game but recent update with so many ad I hate it. Pls remive the ad n caused me hang the game, going one island with the ad n hang, I need to go out n go in again :( :(:(:( worst now all my island does not seem to be mine exept the main. Please rectify all bugs

Its annoyingPosted by rosalie salumbides 2016-08-19

Still ADS keep popping every minute and after the ADS is finished then goes back to my device homepage and I can't finished checking my other location coz everytime i go to other location ADS pop again so NOT GOOD to have fun here especially the ads of HIDDEN CITY ang TRAVAGO PLEASE FIX

Still disappointed...Posted by Kostas Y 2016-06-20

Unless the video ads are removed, this is a dead game for me. Not only annoying but the whole ads system is buggy causing crashes and interfering with several mini games. For example, I can not send out rafts anymore because an ad crashed the game and the rafts never came back to port.

Ads problemPosted by Suzan Khaddaj 2016-06-07

This latest version is so disturbing with its forced to watch ads which is so time consuming and actually insulting. Why would you force people to watch something they don't care about? At least include the option to close the advertisement. I actually don't have time for this crap.

Pop up adsPosted by Robin Chelsea 2016-06-04

I would rate a 5 because I love the game but the new update allows dds to pop up after you travel or play a game which causes everything to crash. I don't mind ads but for every action executed I have to watch a 30 sec ad!? If it doesn't crash!? Please fix and I'll change my rating.

WtfPosted by Jack Smith 2016-07-14

Come on! now ads everywhere plus their still pushing their special offers for real money. Get rid of ads and I'll be back this is bs i paid real money and now everywhere i look ads ads ads no way good bye smurf village used to be fun when i could go from land to land and no ads

Posted by Aida Handt 2016-07-04

Use to love it now not so much. My app has not been working for the past week. Every time I attempt to open it, it says - unfortunately the smurfs village has stopped working and closes automatically. Unfortunately itv is still not working. It has now been over 6 weeks:(

DodgyPosted by sheron Barrett 2016-06-08

Latest update is ridiculous. What is with all the adds? I always used to watch them anyway with the Video Hut. Now every time I go anywhere or play a game they pop up. I hope this is a glitch. Because if not even after all these years I'll not be playing much longer!!!

Annoying adsPosted by Elaine Brase 2016-06-14

Been playing this game for more than 2 years now.. And I really love this game.. But the recent update seems to have more ads that are time consuming to watch and really annoying.. Please remove this ads as we don't want to waste our time watching it over and over again..

loved hate itPosted by Charythia Sims 2016-06-27

since last update. don't mind ads but this is just too many ads. ads play then game closes. game not fun anymore. Rafts are lost. game keeps stopping. bafely get to play the gzme with. all the glitches. was waiting on update to fix but looks like I will just uninstall.

MANY YEARS COSTUMERPosted by RubyG Chivas 2016-07-22

I've been playing for YEARS!! I changed my phones but I had saved it on the cloud.. I downloaded to the new one, everything was fine.. UNTIL I lost my 169 smurfberries.. WHAT'S GOING ON??? Adds are gone YAY!!! NOT!!!!!! AND STILL didn't get my smurfberries back!!!*

Ads in gamePosted by A Google User 2016-06-05

Please remove the ads as they are annoying! It sometimes takes a few seconds for the ad to load and have to wait 30 secs for the ad to finish... wud give 5 stars BUT will do if the ads are gone! It has made me play this game less often than before... sigh...

Please fixPosted by A Google User 2016-06-22

After the last update I have lost all I have built in the grove and 2 wonders 1 built on swoof planet the other in the main village. So I've lost thousands of resources and smurfberries. Very disappointed. Getting bigger does not mean getting better.

Glitch not fixedPosted by A Google User 2016-06-16

Game freezes when I go to the island and has done since February. Have contacted tech support MULTIPLE times only to be told it would be passed on to be rectified. Over 3 months have passed and nothing fixed. I've stopped playing out of annoyance.

Negative 5 starsPosted by Sara Meoli 2016-09-05

HOW DARE YOU!! You have no right to force me to waste my data on those pointless adds. And to add insult to injury, each time one of them doesn't load, the game automatically rolls back several hours. This game just gets worse and worse.

Please fix the gamePosted by Steph 2016-06-05

Still can't play game and nothings changed in a week. If this is not fixed soon I will boycott all beeline games and tell everyone I know to do the same. It freezes every 5 minutes, half my stuff won't work and the ads are ridiculous.

4 years playing this gamePosted by Rio Mack 2016-08-01

ABSOLUTE GREED, those "NEW" adverts you inserted are a disgrace. THE RAFTS HAVE BEEN GONE OVER A MONTH NOW - WHERE ARE THEY BEELINE? ***and since Yday game won't even open*** Thank goodness I'm not a mug who pays money to beeline.

Posted by Jennifer Arnold 2016-08-03

I have spent over $200.00 on this game and they started me over. There support never works. So if you get this game don't spend your money on it. I was at level 80 something and spent a lot off money. Just to have it taken away.

Ruined by excessive advertisingPosted by A Google User 2016-06-16

With the latest update you now see an average of 6-7, 30 second ads that you can't close while travelling between areas or exiting a game. Poor form developers. I hope you take note and fix this before you lose too many of us.

Used to love itPosted by Teann Park 2016-08-15

Once again game fully lost! That makes 3 times of investing much time in the game and bang I'm left with nothing . Ads shut down game and freeze phone, this last time I lost my game, level 57! Ugh. Likely won't reinstall.

Adverts & Rafts issuePosted by BH Lim 2016-06-10

After updating my android phone. My raft sail out n never comes back for a about a month already. N too many adverts to watch. Regardless going to groves, main land, planet etc. Always need to watch adverts. Damn irritating!

Awesome game!Posted by Angela Dicus 2016-08-27

Love creating my own smurf village, but beeline interactive does not communicate with their customers regarding glitches. Very unhappy with the way they handle things. Even though I love the game, their services get 1 Star.

Posted by bob Billy 2017-01-26

I tried many things and I even reinstalled it but it didnt work it was horrible the game would freeze and then it would stop working. Most of it was because ownership changed I had it was great and then it became horrible.

Where are my notifications!Posted by Savindy Soysa 2016-09-02

I uninstalled the app months ago because my village notifications stopped working... I reinstalled yesterday. Still my notifications won't work!! I love love love the game but I hate it when my crops wither!!! Please help

Ads kicking me off the gamePosted by Yasmin Lawson 2016-06-28

This is getting ridiculous now..can't even go onto the island, mountain or planet because every time I do, I get an ad and once the ad has finished it kicks me off the whole game! Doesn't even deserve one star anymore.

Posted by jaun nieuwoudt 2016-06-11

This is the most stupid, annoying game ever created! The general idea is great, but the developers must please look into how it runs. The ads, travelling errors, etc. is just too bad to handle. Uninstalled after 1 year.

Can't visit my island anymore... Such a disappointmentPosted by Dee Fries 2016-07-20

Once, my swoof planet is totally changed. Then I restart. The second time is some of stuff are missing, gone. Few of it are the stuff which I bought & cost me real money. Now been 3 days can't visit my own island.

Could be betterPosted by Brenda Rubirosa 2016-06-24

It started as a great game and now is going down the drain. Every time you move to a different section you have a ad, so it takes a lot to get anything done with all the ads. Please fix it. Now it freezes all the time

CrashPosted by Misho Yk 2016-06-19

The adds are very annoying and when you close it , it well also close the game and it made me lose my task progress. Also I don't like the mini games anymore it's annoying to have to be online just to play. Please fix

Posted by Kate McGregor 2016-06-18

You get a 1 star cause you keep spamming me with ads for free games!! I couldn't give a rats bum about free games! Very annoying in middle of playing than suddenly screen jumps to 30 second ad for free game! STOP IT!!

Beware of buying itemsPosted by Abby C 2016-08-14

I purchased items with real money and they disappeared contacted beeline and they did nothing to resolve it therefore I will no longer use this app or any beeline app ever again and they lost a paying customer

Posted by Tina Kapadia 2016-06-10

Please stop the ads. I have to restart the game everytime. It makes playing game tiresome. Please stop ads. I am unable to collect rewards from mini games. All gets lost bcoz the game shuts down after the ads.

Ripoff ads!Posted by Roberto Co 2016-06-10

Good thing I read the comments first before I decide whether to download the latest update. Saves me from being a victim! Why not give us the option to watch ads then in return we get smurfberries for reward?

It doesn't open at allPosted by Despina Venety 2016-09-12

When will the next update be available? This one is terrible. It doesn't open at all. The support is horrible and I doubt if you take under consideration the 1-star reviews.I'm so disappointed with this app.

Love it butPosted by Nagi Sanzenin 2016-07-22

When I open this game for the first time. I get to level up to level 3tyen they offered me to buy some smurfberries. I can't get out of that page even when I exit and open it up again i still can't get out

Would rate "MINUS 100" if I could!Posted by The Count 2016-06-12

DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME if u intended to. Ever since the last update, players are FORCED to watch advertisement when moving from map to map or collecting rewards! If I can rate -100, I would have done so.

Loved it now hate it.Posted by A Forsyth 2016-06-12

For the second time I have lost land at the bottom of the village and lost timber and rocks built up. Updated to see if that would fix the problem and am now subjected to loads of ads. Very disappointed.

Hate the adsPosted by Alysha Peacock 2016-06-14

Can you at least make it if you purchase something you get rid of ads. This is ridiculous! Came back to this game after not playing for awhile and it's ad after ad. I'll give 5 stars if you fix it!!

Posted by Tawna White 2016-08-03

I have been unable to open since the last update in June. Two updates later and the game will still not open. I guess I'll have to delete the game. Really loved playing Smurf Village when it worked.

Posted by Cherokee Lloyd 2016-06-05

Too many ads. Used to always rely on this game for when I needed something fun to play, especially offline. But now the ads overrun it and it has so many issues if I try to play without being online

This sum BULLSHITPosted by Sha'Lace G 2016-06-17

Once again my game was deleted & I don't understand why I can't start back were I was....I was signed into my Facebook...also the COULD acct & I hate the AD'S..... UUUUUGGGGHHHH JUST STUPID

Smurfs ruined!Posted by Vanessa Murdoch 2016-06-15

This was my favourite game, but now it's all about the ads! So incredibly frustrating!!!!! I would rather the option to pay for the game instead of being bombarded like this. Don't waste your time!

Too many adsPosted by shira meltzer 2016-06-12

Been playing for a few years now and quit the game because there is just too many ads it's intoralable. I used to love the game as it was relaxing. Now the ads are just horrible. Ruined everything

Not to be played on androidPosted by alexandra malkoun 2016-06-04

I restarted the game 5 times and here we are again after two years it has stopped working and back to level 1. I love this game but there is no way I restart playing it from level 1 back again.

Crops wither?Posted by Pixie Princess 2016-08-28

I don't live for a game. I play when I have time. The crops withering and being ruined was the last straw. Uninstall. You blew it big time. I liked the offline play and wanted to keep playing.

Love it! Hate it!Posted by Irum Camilla 2016-06-22

Now due to commercials they've added, I lost prizes and smurfberries. Take em off. Its glitchy. As you move up in levels smurf app doesn't work well. This is the second time playing this game.

Annoying AdvertsPosted by A Google User 2016-08-05

I have been playing this game for years and now suddenly there is these annoying ads popping up continuously. The time wasted by showing the ads is more than the actual time playing the game.

fix this gamePosted by Lea Pasion 2016-07-18

my village is very big already but my smurfs are gone .. and now my village has change already and i dont know how .. ?? and i cant open it ..plssss plssss fix it .. ilove this game so much

Posted by Abdelnasser Salih 2016-06-30

My village is the worst village the other players there village is the best and in township game I am in level 23 come and see my town name is new York the worst city only 11 likes my city

New update ruins gamePosted by Sarah Mobbs 2016-06-18

This game used to be so much fun. The new update has clogged the game up. It refuses to load, it ruins mini games and I constantly have to close the game and open it again. What a shame.

AdsPosted by jeh sampang 2016-06-19

Ads every time i finish a mini game best part is when you are offline still continue to search for the ads till you got the connection annoying.. I used to love this game..

What's going on?Posted by Krystal Kroidahn 2016-07-26

I love playing this game. Its my number one go to game BUT since updating it, it won't let me go in to the game. When I click on it, it loads and then shuts down?!! Fix it please!!

Ads take away gaming experiencePosted by Roelien Kruger 2016-06-21

These ads just pop up and take up data and my time. Its irritating. Also now my game isn't opening all the time. I have to retry quite a number of times. What's going on Beeline?

New update !!!!!!Posted by dee collins 2016-06-25

Been playing this game for 3/4 years the grove came and it all went spent a lot of money on this game and it's all gone and now won't open at all.and no help from beeline!!!!!!

Love this game but. . .Posted by Beliya Ali 2016-07-22

WTF! Is up with all these pop up ads that are 30 seconds long? And not to mention pops up several seconds. Can't go to the island, space, or mountain ad cones on then it exits

Game crashedPosted by Petya Panayotova 2016-07-02

At level 65 the game doesn't want to load anymore! Nobady is helping you or at least answering you questions! So disappointed and frustrated! Used to love playing it....

Posted by Tina Bonnett 2016-06-25

So I updated. It completely canceled out my villages! So very unhappy with this. First i was having issues logging I , then it said update and it erased EVERYTHING! Sucks

Remove the ads, pleasePosted by Maite García 2016-06-19

I've had this game for years, but if the ads keep showing every time I go to a different place and I play a game, I'm definitely going to uninstall the smurfs village.

Not happyPosted by Alice Grafton 2016-06-28

Updated game now can't open it. I've lost my daily log in bonus which i had up to 38 days and will loss all crops i have planted to complete quests. Please fix this.

ADS!!!!Posted by Sarah Byrnes 2016-06-14

Love to play the game but the amount of ads that pop up make it impossible!! In addition to slowing down my phone they also cause the game to have errors repeatedly.

WHY IT'S ALL ABOUT THE ADS!!!?Posted by Sulia Bayatut 2016-06-09

Every single time i open the game and play it show the ads remove this game is fun you but now it just history,fix it remove the or nobody will ever play this again.

Bug againPosted by Pamela Wijaya 2016-09-09

It happened again! I can't operate my rafts in the island. It means I can't complete the messages of the bottle, and the time is running over. Pls fix it.. Thanks..

Ads lockup crashPosted by Matthew Smith 2016-07-21

I have played for a couple full years. Used to be fun but I cannot play with the ads. Too many ads. Locks up and crashes. So many ads cant even move around anymore.

Posted by Jessica Bowser 2016-09-02

Please fix I have been asking since March I can't open this game! I have spent real money on this game! I want a refund of all money if you don't fix this!!!!!!!

GlitchyPosted by Jack Combs 2016-06-19

Freezes up all the time. Added... Video ads that pop up when switching areas cause the system to freeze up each time, and force a restart. I am so tired of this.

I was addicted. Used to.Posted by zi you mak 2016-06-16

Every time i win a mini game, the cradle of empire ad pops up, and after 30 seconds it just returns to my home screen and i have to retry and the glitch repeats.

Keeps crashingPosted by Almarie voges 2016-09-03

I downloaded it today but as soon as the loading reaches the end on orange screen the game shuts down. So lame. Looked like a good game. Its alot of MB to lose.

I don't understandPosted by Hasan Affan 2016-06-09

Is this a game or an app showing adds because it said it was a game so stop selling adds man!!! It shows more adds then it does for games know what I'm saying

Had to uninstallPosted by Nicole Dery 2016-07-04


Lost cloud saved data since fm 28 June!!!!Posted by Sharon Chung 2016-07-03

My updated level had reached 47 w/ 36% but now all data back to 43 level which saved to cloud on 28 June, all data gone, fix it as soon as possible........!!

Latest updatePosted by Darrielle Gil 2016-06-07

1 star, due to all the ads. They come up after EVERYTHING I do. It's really annoying, and it has even frozen my phone a few times. Considering uninstalling.

Stupid adsPosted by Heste Pershouse 2016-06-04

Dont like the ads give another update without the ads please take the ads of its getting worse now im gonna delete it and not recommend it to anyone anymore

Used to be great no so much now thoPosted by Diana Woods 2016-08-20

When I go to animal sanctuary the food tree menu don't come. Can't connect to the Facebook account the ads cause the game to crash every time please fix

Please don't usePosted by Carolina Paez 2016-07-07

I enjoy enjoy the game for almost four year, but one day I lost all my village, mountain, island, grove and moon. I sent several mail but nobody help me.

Posted by N/A Lalalalala 2016-08-04

I would've given it five stars before, but it's not working on my tablet anymore. It only goes to the screen where it says beeline and then it crashes.

Posted by Dmrj Jackson 2016-07-12

New up date sucks every time i go to a different part of the village it makes me watch the ad then it shuts off and go to ma home screen ughhhh fix it

Hate itPosted by Luis García 2016-07-01

Too many ads. This game used to be great. Do you really believe new players will stay after watching like 20 annoying ads every time they play? Heck no

Can't open my smurf villagePosted by Judith Beets 2016-08-05

My smurf village won't open past the orange screen and I don't want to lose my game after working to build it up and don't want to lose my vip status

Posted by Andy Chong 2016-06-17

Latest update sulks. Wasting my time on the unnecessary ads. Furthermore, my boats on the island are not able to be played now. Real disappointment .

It sucksPosted by basil adong 2016-08-28

When I go visit the tree it crashes and when I sail it crashes to. Same as the mountain and in the moon and everything hate it !!!!! Please fix this

Please decrease the update and download size.Posted by A Google User 2016-08-25

This app constantly updates and with it the size of the app also grows bigger. Put facebook and smurf village together, my phone has no more space!

Nice butPosted by A Google User 2016-07-02

You should make all the huts to be brought with gold but u r making our real money to buy smurfberries to get a hut its not a game its just a cheat

ads.. ads everywherePosted by arbie bautista 2016-06-16

video pops up everytime you move to different location.. and when i move to planet swoof my game crash.. please fix this.. i really enjoy this game

Full of ads!Posted by jaime-aaron gumasing 2016-06-09

Please fix the annoying ads everytime i play the mini games,, it always proceed to these game ad even though i never click on it. Please fix asap!!

Latest updated ruined the game.Posted by Jeff C. 2016-06-09

The latest update forces you to watch ad's you can't skip. It has ruined the game for me. If you don't mind constant ads you might enjoy the game.

Posted by A Google User 2016-07-19

Have not been able to open app. Since last update. Very disappointing. Since new update it seems that things are working fine...we shall see...

Remove adsPosted by Luke Richardson 2016-06-05

If these ads are not removed or downgraded to ads with just an image, then you will keep losing fans of the game like me. It's as simple as that

Posted by Karien De Lange 2016-08-08

What's up with all the ads all of a sudden? It's not worth playing anymore. Ads close the game and u can't travel to island, mountain or planet

The ads SUCKPosted by A Google User 2016-06-22

The constant pop up ads suck. Use to love the game but because it's constantly loading ad's now, Not happy. Ready to delete and be done!!!!!!!!

Latest update creates dud!Posted by Tanya Adams 2016-06-15

I have played this game for 5 years, but with the latest update, I refuse to even log in to collect my smurfberries once a week. Please fix!?!

Won't openPosted by 2016-09-02

When I try to play it. It tells me loading then sends me my home screen. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but I got the same outcome

Awful updatePosted by Linris Li 2016-06-20

Ads still not removed. Hoping latest update would remove the need to watch more ads. Seriously considering uninstalling app. Used to love it

Annoying Ads. STARTING TO HATE THIS GAME.Posted by Edwin Thong 2016-06-08

Disturbing & crashing the game. Hate this advertisement. Force us to watch. LOVE this game before the updates. Now HATE IT...PLS FIX IT.

Posted by 2017-01-10

Would love to play the game but after installing it will not open for me to play all my other games open just fine so I'm uninstalling again

MadPosted by Savannah Wheeler 2016-07-31

I have downloaded it 5 times it works on my boyfriend's phone but won't on mine I don't play any other game but this one and I'm frustrated

Definitely not 5 starPosted by Emily Edwards 2016-08-21

I've just installed the smurf village game and there is hardly anything to do on it.This app is definitely being uninsulated. Very boring!

Will not openPosted by A Google User 2016-07-03

I have been playing for a few months. At first my island disappeared and now the game will not even open. Swoof planet won't load either.

Game won't load.Posted by Kim Kirchoff 2016-07-24

Can't play game because it keeps crashing on Beelines page. Sent numerous reports & still isn't fixed. So I guess I've lost my game.

Posted by Jamie Bertoti 2016-08-08

Love the game but when I purchased smurf berries I never received them and when I tried to contact the support they were no help at all

Bugs not fixed n ad slows down entire game!Posted by Ang Juliet 2016-08-20

Ad sucks n been tolerating it but now all 5 of my rafts won't come back! Very frustrating n why is this bug not fixed for the players?

Not GoodPosted by Sheren Saep 2016-08-11

Im so disappointed when I was at level 49 all are collapse and then back to zero.Im wasting my time foqg almost a month..tsk not good

Stuck at agreement??Posted by Jet Panotes 2016-07-02

Why can't i proceed?the screen just go all blank and with the ok icon but still when you press ok nothing happens??fix this please!!!

AdsPosted by A Google User 2016-06-22

Not playing till ads between different places are gone, it sucks, one more update if it isn't fixed by then just gonna uninstall.....

I Will Always Love The SmurfsPosted by Dolly Wood 2016-06-21

New update. Videos still playing with every land change. Rafts are lost at sea and haven't returned. I am almost done with this game.

I cant get on my gamePosted by alexandria Richards 2017-01-10

Since I updated it I haven't been able to get on my game I cleared my catche and everything and it still not working can you fix it

Black out????!!Posted by Ducky Momo 2016-09-07

I cannot open the app and it will appear black and always make my phone slow down please fix the problem and I'll rate more stars.

nothing happens!!!!!Posted by Rhazela Nazareno 2016-06-05

ive been playing this game for a long time and i enjoyed playing it, until this update came always appear loading!!!

Does not work, glitchesPosted by hammyappleseed 2016-07-15

Though the game looks great and like lots of fun, I cannot play it because everything on screen is glitched. Had to uninstall.

Posted by Rey Silerio 2016-06-23

Getting a lot more advertizing. After recent update, same crap. Send out four raft from island for 24 hrs, never came back.

Posted by cherelyn blanton 2016-06-07

Ever since the format changed my game has a lot of issues. I do not play as much since it changed. I hope it will change soon.

Posted by Sarah Gordon 2016-06-04

It was great until the last update and now I can't load the game. Had to dump the game and don't want to start all over again.

This update is badPosted by SL Murphy 2016-06-22

It keeps frezzing up....cant get to swoofs at all...and the update didnt fix the rafts on the dissappointed....

Posted by Katie Trent 2016-09-07

It won't let me in. It goes to the beeline thing and it goes back to the uninstall and open page. So, I'm gonna uninstall it

Posted by Paige Heart 2016-07-28


Hate the adsPosted by Angela Jones 2016-08-22

I absolutely HATE the new in-app ads in the latest version. Smurfs used to be one of my favorite games, now....not so much.

Crashes too muchPosted by A Google User 2016-07-29

All of a sudden the games interrupted by ads. I don't have time for that. Will uninstall if I keep being interupted by ads.

FrustratedPosted by A Google User 2016-08-28

Beeline, I can't validate this latest update. I can't play the game even in airplane mode. I hope this gets fixed soon.

UninstalledPosted by Jonathan Hooper 2016-08-31

Played this long time ago, now I see there's ads and even more glitches within 15 min of playing, junk and uninstalled..

Island raftsPosted by A Google User 2016-07-02

I sent both rafts out and they never came back. It's been over 2 weeks. I need them to complete the quests. Please fix!

Worst updatePosted by Ali Laverty 2016-06-13

The new ads are making it unbearable to play. It's a shame, this used to be a very fun game... I hope this gets changed

Stupid creator.Posted by Caren Chesterque 2016-06-15

You should block the ads stupid. Instead you destroyed this game. Stupid. Fix the dawn ads or I will delete this game.

Many issues..Posted by Anthea Harrington 2016-07-01

Had the game on my iphone, issues..put it on my android now, even more issues..used to love this it sucks..

Posted by Irdina Afiqah 2016-06-14

I can't open my smurf for like 3 weeks now. It keep showing this starting but didn't actually start the game. Fix it.

Love itPosted by Sami Carrasco 2016-08-21

Love this game but can yall please put zombie cafe on here is way better please put zombie cafe on Google play store

Posted by Amanda Smythe 2016-07-20

It doesn't even let me on that much anymore, atm I'm debating if I should just delete the game..... Grrrr.....

Too muchPosted by John Hapla Philip 2016-06-25

I'm about ready to give up. I am tired of being forced to watch all the vudeos now. Just let us play the game.

What d heckPosted by 2016-09-03

Download completed to 78% nd it's again started loading from 1%.. what was this.. I hate this things alotttt

update sucksPosted by chanta adams 2016-06-04

With the new update, there are too many ads and they are way too long. Otherwise, I would have given you a 5.

Need to improve your cloud save capability!Posted by Denise b. 2016-08-30

Not able to recover a google cloud save when i got a new phone...and i was like level 40 i lost all of it!

Posted by Jennifer Jones 2016-07-30

To many adds can't access half the areas game crashes to much since all updates the game is no longer fun

WHY!!Posted by Valerie Ong 2016-07-05

I can't put the bridge at ALL I tried everything plz fix thx if u do and those who agree say why on title

Why will it not open????Posted by Beth Hill 2016-08-02

On android sometimes it will let me play but other times it's just blank, black screen for ages....dumb.

Tired to the bs adsPosted by brianna jack 2016-07-07

Seriously you already charge for sb. Now u gotta have ads that keep knocking me out of my game... GREEDY

So many adsPosted by band aid 2016-06-17

After the third video ad in a row I had to Uninstall. .. I used to like this game, but that's rediculous

BadPosted by Nikita Christie 2016-06-11

This game is very slow and when i visit my other islands my phone freeze and shuts of plz fix this game

CRASHESPosted by Cassidy Croghan 2016-08-16

I can't get past the orange Beeline screen!!! It loads about half way and then crashes!!! Very angry!!

SINCE NEW UPDATES!!!Posted by tiffany camenzuli 2016-06-07

It's terrible use to love playing but now with all the ads I'm probably done with this game too bad.

Won't openPosted by Katy Collins 2016-08-19

I have played this game before and I loved it but I downloaded it again and it will not open at all

UnsatisfiedPosted by Crystal Sullivan 2016-07-31

I have purchased smurfs berries in this game and it want give them to me. Don't think that's right

Buying smurfberryPosted by Yusry King 2016-07-17

I am buy the starter pack and then it take my money and dont give me any smurfberry please fix this

Couldnt load saved villagePosted by Herbert Pelingon 2016-07-08

I changed devices and logged in to facebook but i am unable to load the village from my old device.

Won't loadPosted by Kayla Lance 2016-09-01

The game didn't even let me play it always went back to the home screen every time I tried to play

Ads up the wazoo!Posted by Kris Hay 2016-06-15

Used to be a relaxing game. Now it's obnoxious, annoying 30 second ads at every turn. Ridiculous!

Posted by A Google User 2016-07-20

Too many ads in latest update. I quit these ads are ridiculous. I wish I could give a 0 rating.

Smurfs villagePosted by Carol O'Brien 2016-08-04

New update still not working can not open on google grrrrrrr. 3rd update and still not working.

HATE IT NOW !!!!!Posted by Christine Arkless 2016-06-25

Not letting me update anymore, used to love it before yous decided to update so many times :-(

The SMURFS is hangPosted by Johnny Wijaya 2016-08-06

What happen with the last version? It makes the SMURFS hang on my S7. Please fix it. Thanks.

More adverts? Byebye Beeline, hello POT-FARM!Posted by A Google User 2016-08-04

You have definitely ruined it. Now I'm forced to watch ads? Uninstalling after 5 years...

Posted by Andrea Steck 2016-06-10

I played this game for 3 years, but the addition of ads has made me stop. Way too annoying

IslandPosted by val grubb 2016-08-10

Island won't load freezes up right after the boat lands have to shut game completely off

Stop the adsPosted by Michelle Morrison 2016-09-11

More ads then game time. Do not install unless you love seeing ads. This is a ads app.

Posted by Liezel Stapelberg 2016-06-05

Since new update I can not access any of the other parts eg. Island, mountain or any.

Smurfs Village Magical Meadow Is Better But They Won't Make Any Updates For That OnePosted by A Google User 2016-07-07

I stopped playing because it sucks in comparison to Smurfs Village Magical Meadow!!! R horriblePosted by Medhat Maaliki 2016-06-05

I bought some berrys. but I never got them. I just paid the money.the ads r da worst

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