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Posted by d p 2017-01-26

Quest xp reward is lacking 700 ex for doing quest of 64 hour that is a f'ing rip off. also mini game that give prize are too repeatable in giving same crap prize over and over not really random. also some miner missguiding phrases that lead one to waste hard earn smurfberries like that buy gold to unlock mushroom hut dont actually work. Over i suppose game is fine so just fix old errors before adding more expansion packs whatever

Posted by Tammy Cherepko 2017-01-10

There are so many pop ups that I am losing my crops. You try to close out the ads and it closes out the whole game. I have stopped playing before because of issues like this. I am thinking of deleting again. I enjoy playing but this is crazy. I can sit here for an half hour before I get to do something on my island because I have to keep restarting and traveling to the island. Please fix or I'm out again.

Posted by Sophie Woods 2017-01-26

Overall it's a fun and addictive game. Although one little detail is bugging me you need to change the way you get flower seeds; instead of getting them as a gift you need to have them already unlocked. Change this one detail for five stars.

Posted by bob Billy 2017-01-26

I tried many things and I even reinstalled it but it didnt work it was horrible the game would freeze and then it would stop working. Most of it was because ownership changed I had it was great and then it became horrible.

Posted by A Google User 2017-01-10

I Love this game. It is alot of fun I could play it all day. There are a few items u need cash for, but u can still have loads of fun without speeding money.(I do )

Nice app thx for fixing the bugsPosted by 2017-01-10

In the past so many bugs and glitches were in this game but know they fixed it so feel free to download the game cause it's bug and ad free!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by 2017-01-10

Would love to play the game but after installing it will not open for me to play all my other games open just fine so I'm uninstalling again

Posted by Riley O'Brien 2017-01-26

I love smurfs and I love all the detail but I spent 9.99$ on smurf berries and I didn't get it please can I get a refund. please reply

I cant get on my gamePosted by alexandria Richards 2017-01-10

Since I updated it I haven't been able to get on my game I cleared my catche and everything and it still not working can you fix it

Posted by Hari Krishna 2017-01-26

U love it epic BTTER THAN CLASH OF CLANS clash of clans is so kidish it sucks This is the most epic fantastic game in the world

Posted by Katie Joynson 2017-01-26

Sometime can't find things I have to build as they arnt anywhere in any category but otherwise love it

Full memoryPosted by Wendy Rapanot 2017-01-10

I like it but my memory is full I think I need to remove some apps to download this game

Posted by Nikki Rackley 2017-01-26

I love this game...i have played it over 6 years but have stated over alot...

Posted by Sandra Bramble 2017-01-26

Wtf I just updated n all it does now is saying its statring, please fix this

It's the best gamePosted by Leen Qamhieh 2017-01-11

It's very very very very very very very very very very nice do you love it.

Posted by Cassie Mac 2017-01-27

great my favorite game I've downloaded it over and over and over and over

Posted by Amy Thacker 2017-01-10

Has a few annoying bugs that need addressed but highly entertaining

Posted by Angela Vance 2017-01-26

I love this game. I only wish it was easier to earn smurfberries.

Smurfs' VillagePosted by Gloria A Sidebottom 2017-01-10

It is a great game with no adds and has great graphics

Love thus game♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡Posted by Octa 2017-01-10

It's fun makes me feel happy and joyful when I play!!!

AwesomePosted by Kurt Mohammed 2017-01-10

Love game but very hard to obtain smurfberries

Posted by Kat Blacksmith 2017-01-27

Opens for a day then can't go on it for ages!

Posted by Teena Saffioti 2017-01-26

The new update didn't fix the WiFi problem

WastePosted by Virgo Wp 2017-01-11

It's just a waste of data. So Manu ads.

Posted by John Davidson 2017-01-26

This game keeps you busy for hours

Posted by Bahaa Nehmeh 2017-01-27

Thank u it is a beautiful game

Posted by Mix Ky 2017-01-27

It was fun playing this game..

AwesomePosted by Keedan Vinson 2017-01-10

Super easy to cheat!!!

Posted by Aria Morovat 2017-01-27

This game is exellent

Posted by 2017-01-26

Good game overall

Posted by 2017-01-27

It cicks me off

Posted by 2017-01-26

that is nice

ZjanePosted by Zjane Rudolph 2017-01-10

I love it

Posted by swathy sweety129 2017-01-26

Really nice

Posted by Nadia Mahsen 2017-01-27

I loved it

Posted by Alex Zhao 2017-01-10


Love uPosted by Gujratiya umesh 2017-01-10

Nice game

Posted by יעל גולדנברג 2017-01-11

Cool game

Love itPosted by Gradine Tan 2017-01-11

Love it

Posted by Choo Yoong Yoong 2017-01-26


Posted by Citra Sandy Anastasia Putra 2017-01-27

Love it

Posted by Sylvia Scheepers 2017-01-27

Love it

Posted by Denise Francisco 2017-09-12

more updates

Posted by jake baker 2017-09-12

Great game 10/10

Posted by lance haniel 2017-09-12

Free dragons!!!

Posted by Allie Deville 2017-09-12


Posted by Sai S 2017-09-12

I had played this game twice over a period of years and eventually gave up. After building so many things, you leave and come back, everything is turned wrong and some fence goes missing etc. A pain in the butt. Let me know if you guys ever fix this, it's only been 5+yrs!

Posted by 김현정 2017-09-12

스머프 베리 결제했는데 갯수가 올라가지 않아요

Posted by Brittany Beal 2017-09-12

don't buy anything u WILL NOT GET IT or u will have to wait 2 weeks or more they dont answer tickets either

Posted by Ludmila Flores 2017-09-11

Excellent game.

Posted by 2017-09-11

It's so fantastic

Posted by Steve McClellan 2017-09-11

Great game

Posted by Clara Price 2017-09-11


Posted by Kendra Herrera 2017-09-10

Easy to play and fun. Perfect for killing time.

Posted by Girlly Olasiman 2017-09-10

Really like it

Posted by Will Smith 2017-09-10

Best game in the store!!!!! So Smurfy!

Posted by Alisha Jaques 2017-09-10

Need more smurfberries free

Posted by 2017-09-10

Toó nice

Posted by 2017-09-10

It's fun! I love it

Posted by King Aariyan 2017-09-09

My Favorite Game....

Posted by 2017-09-09

Tiny little smurfs are so cute

Posted by Lelee Lette 2017-09-09

Takes my coins to quickly and my smurfberries. Not a fan of that

Posted by Tristan Tc 2017-09-09

Fun very fun

Posted by Ruth Jeffrey 2017-09-09

Why is the las test update giving me the white screen if death! I don't want to uninstall it

Posted by Ladonna Carlson 2017-09-09

Help! How do I get the Clock, Parade and Antique, etc shops???? Nothing is in the help section.

Posted by 2017-09-09

I really think that this game is great

Posted by MARINA BINTI ABDUL AZIZ 2017-09-09

Watched videos for 10 times and never got ANY berries So unfair ( ̄◇ ̄;)

Posted by 2017-09-09

Its amazing because if you want to build a city in real life this game is like a preparation for that

Posted by Klara Remmington 2017-09-09

So good

Posted by Jenaye Vergin 2017-09-08

Love the game! There's lot's to do and it's fun to watch your village progress.

Posted by Olga Slava 2017-09-08

It's fun and my kids love it

Posted by Darwinjean Clemen 2017-09-08


Posted by Roaa 2017-09-08

A great and very interresting game

Posted by A Google User 2017-09-08

I'm very much so addicted to this game.. best game ever

Posted by Angie Ferguson 2017-09-08

Love This Game!!!!!! Very Addictive!!!!!!! Make Sure you Save All Ur Game Data Though Because If The Game Glitches You Will Lose Everything Other Than That Smurfs Village Is The Best game ever!!!!!

Posted by oreo b 2017-09-08

Nice game. It would be better if you provide smurfberries more often

Posted by Akio Aoiro Takashimi 2017-09-08

Hello creators, i loved this game since i was small, im sad i didnt saw the updates but very good job, keep it up! Thanks for this game.

Posted by Marydoll Corilla 2017-09-08

Update it for me Plssss

Posted by Taylor Stark 2017-09-07

Im mad because I'm owed alot of smurf berries for doing those extra missions and but they didn't work. Its a lie

Posted by Vikki Dubbeld 2017-09-07

Loving the game again, love the new items available

Posted by Angel Bridges 2017-09-07

Love þhis game every phone i get i HAVE to put it on .... lol thx

Posted by Dyn Heartfilia 2017-09-07


Posted by Roselea Bartlett 2017-09-07

I have been playing this game for a long time and always come back to it. I love it and it's a great way to pass time!

Posted by Jeffrey Santio 2017-09-07

love it

Posted by Zaki Prawira Bayu 2017-09-07

Because smurf is my favourite game

Posted by 2017-09-07

لعبة رائعة روعة Love you

Posted by Trisha Magpili 2017-09-07

It's a very cool game, but some of it features aren't working... Such as the video hut, many are complaining about its malfunctioning habbit. It just sucks that I'm not able to receive smurfberries after watching an advertisement. So, please fix it!!!

Posted by Eunmi Han 2017-09-07

Very addictive game.

Loved itPosted by Johnmuel Vallente 2017-09-07

Just dowloaded it and a few days im so addicted.

Posted by Diana D 2017-09-06

Love it

Posted by Nina Peihopa 2017-09-06

This time it better open and play or I'm going to but out

Posted by Laura Smith 2017-09-06

Played it using my Kindle, would have been great if I had not had to start all over but it still is a great game. Lately made it to level 23 again get into the game but then it freezes, the game has been working great now almost back to where I was, such a fun game.

Posted by MR DiamondHQ 2017-09-06


Posted by Jeross Manabat 2017-09-05

How can i save it to my facebook

Posted by 2017-09-05

So intertaining game

Posted by 2017-09-05

Its so interesting to play everyday..

Posted by timaan gemma 2017-09-05

I love this game.

Posted by ahmad lego 2017-09-05


Posted by Kowalski Riffan 2017-09-05

We love Smurfs But seems lost village girls want's goes to island until enjoy in summer hopefully Smurflily and Smurfblossom can goes to Smurfs' Village

Posted by Saif Alshaali 2017-09-05


Posted by Karim Olabi 2017-09-05

Grate game so nice

Posted by Landon Janvier 2017-09-04


Posted by Killer Robot77 Malfunction 2017-09-04

Loved it

Posted by Hannah harp 2017-09-04

It is officially the best game I Have literally ever, ever played!!!!!!!

Posted by 2017-09-04

it is the best program ever

Posted by Jennifer Stawecki 2017-09-04

Awesome! Fun to play! I just run out smurfberries to fast. I love my smurf village

Posted by lisa ramer 2017-09-04

Love it keep up the new updates i love this game

Posted by 2017-09-04

Fun fun!!

Posted by Zach Mckinley 2017-09-04

I love the game

Posted by Dewi Kusumawardhani 2017-09-03

Good game and funny characters

Posted by Jackie Sloboda 2017-09-03

Love this game been playing for years always have been a Smurf fan love how it brings in characters for the shows

Posted by 2017-09-03

Had this on an old phone. Glad to be able to play it again. Smurfs are childhood faves

Posted by A Google User 2017-09-03

The update deleted every thing in space that i had

Posted by yogesh verma 2017-09-03

This game is the best

Posted by Karunakaran T 2017-09-03

Love it

Posted by Hannah Milbourn 2017-09-03

Just gone back to this game as was put off by loosing data for this game. This time have lost 10levels and several smurfs & smurfy wonders...oh well its still just as compulsive to play, as ever!

Posted by Ismael Jaramillo 2017-09-02

Good game and very addictive

Posted by Shawn Owensby 2017-09-02

Great game please keep giving updates thank you

Posted by Beth Bowman 2017-09-02

Even the technical support is smurphy! I just purchased a new Samsung tablet and could not get my game transferred from the old Samsung. I emailed my dilemma and had an answer in 24 hours. Thanks!

Posted by Hannah Enck 2017-09-02

It's a great game!!

Posted by Charlotte Cudney 2017-09-02

I like that you can plan, build and create with this. There are also goals to meet which makes it fun!

Posted by j!n! bmhmknhvhnbvnbgjjju hkhjkyjl jinmjkbkkhv 2017-09-02

I just recently started my village over fur about the10th time cause every time i get a new phone my progress doesn't transfer. I just hit to the swoof planet. Digging up my first star. Already have lost 4 Smurf berries trying to speed it's progress. It's not doing ANYTHING. I'm ready to give up as much as i obviously love this game. Fix this or lose me. And i have over 700 friends on FB. I have a big mouth.

Posted by Susan Fouse 2017-09-02

Me & my nephew loves the smurfs...we have fun playing this game...

Posted by Simon Riley 2017-09-02

Love the game. I have it on all my phone and tablets awsome

Posted by Ann Georgina Campbell Bower 2017-09-02

Smurfs & more smurfy stuff & more smurfy time to play Smurf Village even.offlne

Posted by A Google User 2017-09-02

Great game keep making it better would like a bit more variety in mini game rewards.

Posted by Leona Blomfield 2017-09-02

Awesome game

Posted by Alvin Ho Zhee Xiang 2017-09-02

Excellent Game App !

Posted by A Google User 2017-09-02

freeSmurfs village free

Posted by Damian Ruthark 2017-09-02

Big smurfs fan, I grew up with them in the 80s and this app is like a living cartoon. Blows my mind!

Posted by rizwan shaikh 2017-09-02

I love my Smurfs village.

Posted by Mike Nadeau 2017-09-02

Love it

Posted by 2017-09-02

this game is great but you need to find resources in some instances

Posted by rayce kapsch 2017-09-01

Still waiting for you to fix my smurfs the game glitches and takes my sasset Smurf right as I was buying her and 2 of my rafts also don't work would like some help please and thanks

Posted by Pamela Wijaya 2017-09-01

Could you fix the time duration of building the special building? The real duration doesn't rolling correctly as its written.

Posted by Nikia Crawley 2017-09-01

Everything costs so many donuts

Posted by Melvinea Young 2017-09-01

I loss all my berrys when the game glitched it keep starting over how do I get them back

Posted by 2017-09-01

Please let us get Smurf berries a lot easier !

Posted by 2017-09-01

Game is amazing LOVED IT but in the new update I could not delete a hut because I did not need it anymore PLZ FIX THANKS XOXOXO and can the creators writ back THANKS

Posted by Leilani Pamo 2017-09-01

I really love this game but lately it's not responding when I open it. i haven't played it for some time now. Pls. fix the problem.

Posted by Chris Rabuck 2017-09-01

Easy, relaxing, SMURF VILLAGE BUILDER !! thank you all

Posted by Brodie Wright 2017-09-01

Cant get cloud save back

Posted by Sterling Van Doren 2017-09-01

Great game

Posted by Timmy Lee Leigh Roberts 2017-09-01

I like my game

Posted by Misty Hurley 2017-09-01

My favorite game

Posted by Kayla Paulson 2017-09-01

I love it, it's the best smurfs game I have ever in my life

Posted by Hesh Ardario 2017-09-01

Great game. Love the adventure and building, but, I hate how long you wait for certain crops.

Posted by Sepanta Darafsh 2017-09-01

I like this game

Posted by raksakow buhachat 2017-09-01

I love it,i spend my time a lot with this game.

Posted by Sheena Scott 2017-09-01

This game is addicting

Posted by Angela Schlottmann 2017-09-01

Fun game, especially for those who love the smurfs!

Posted by Louise Berthiaume 2017-09-01

There are NO ads unless you choose to watch them, which is NOT necessary for game play. Quests challenging enough for an adult, but easily attainable for children as well. With NO time limit! Staff at Flashman are super attentive and follow up with concerns usually within a few minutes! With the forums, you are part of a family, not just a random player. Graphics just like the Smurf cartoons! I love it!

Posted by Matt Vasquez 2017-09-01

Loved it

Posted by Eric Tan 2017-09-01

AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! can't open the game after the latest update since disappointed ..... pls fix it up ASAP

Posted by Wilma Carstens 2017-09-01

Love the game, but please, make the game that we can buy everything with smurfberries, not everybody got the money to buy bonusse ect.

Posted by Love Pakistan 2017-09-01


Posted by Angelica Diaz 2017-09-01

Love the many different types of quest, this is a great game to pass the time, ,,....just wish u could buy all the exclusive items with smufe berries instead of always Money other wise love this game❤❤

Posted by Mayada Mayada 2017-09-01


Posted by Kristin Nadeau 2017-09-01

Love this game

Posted by Angela Lai 2017-09-01

Stmurfs village l lost whole game , had to restart from beginning. I don't like winter scene but cannot revert !!I!!! Game stops suddenly too often, every 20-30 seconds and necessitates restart -- very frustrating !!! Game stoppage has lessen a little, remaining comments still valid. Enjoyable game itself but marred by TOO MANY unwelcome and long ads interrupting at most inappropriate moments. Comments still valid. WHY DID I LOSE THE ENTIRE GAME ?? I WAS AT LEVEL 63 !!! Above comments stays

Posted by Costina Toma 2017-09-01

Asteptam cu nerabdare noutati in joc.

Posted by 2017-09-01

it was a nice game app and I love it!

Posted by Kristin Nadeau 2017-09-01

Love it

Posted by Renan Zamora 2017-09-01

Nice game

Posted by Clara Mele 2017-09-01

Love the game

Posted by Nina Jurisic 2017-09-01

Love it for more than 5Y now :)

Posted by A Google User 2017-08-31

I haven't had xp from the smurflings on island for an extremely long time. Sweepy smurf has never worked since getting his hut. But other than love the game

Posted by squarel Deniserigger b. 2017-08-31

Did love game now absolutely hate it. Not able to recover a google cloud save when got a new phone and i was like level 40 i lost over a hundred dollars in smurfberries....this game sucks balls and the creators of this game sucks big balls and should be held accountable for all the money lost when cloud saves don't work right.

Posted by Nanci Ellis 2017-08-31

Great way to pass time!

Posted by Donna Cofer 2017-08-31

I love this game

Posted by A Google User 2017-08-31

VIP program hasn't been updated in forever. been 2 weeks and still have half of my smurfs and swoofs missing and all of my seeds. This has been this way since the last of July update. I have 3 years invested in this game and wish I had never started because it is addictive and when the game isn't working properly it is hard to stop ad just give up!

Posted by Phil Qazi 2017-08-31

Good game

Posted by Roberto Co 2017-08-31

Awesome game

Posted by Romel Samson 2017-08-31

There's no real resolution with the problem of missing Smurfs and items at a certain point of a level. All Bongfish would say is tap Papa Smurf to recover save village. But, after recovering the problem will happen again. How can you progress if you'll just keep on recovering and recovering.

Posted by Bonnie Whited 2017-08-31

Always changing, new quest todo

Posted by Zora Zapper 2017-08-31

Been playing for years. I love it

Posted by Jessie Adkins 2017-08-31

Would have given 5 stars if smurfett would go to her summer home so I can play the game i spent 30 berries on.

Posted by Jasmine Ruffin 2017-08-31

Always had it

Posted by JaoPii 2017-08-31


Posted by Nancy Tang 2017-08-31

So many items to choose from and decorate with. Fun and lots of minigames. Controls for moving aren't that good though.

Posted by Souad Ebadi 2017-08-31


Posted by 2017-08-31

cant download it. thanks for nothing

Posted by 2017-08-31

Overall great game

Posted by felizia ekam 2017-08-31

Ich hab mir mit diesen extra missions jetzt eig schon 29 schlumpfbeeren erarbeitet aber der kack funktioniert immer noch nicht ** reine abzocke von Daten**

Posted by Jenell Riley 2017-08-31

I love playing smurfs

Posted by Anthony Queen 2017-08-31

Fun and easy to play

The new versionPosted by Abed Saeed 2017-08-31


Posted by Mai Waifu 2017-08-31

This game is awesome 300mb,amazing game. I love this game.

Posted by 2017-08-30

I love... This game but i am not able to download it don't know why

Posted by Nurfarah Hanis15 2017-08-30


Posted by Maria Salameh 2017-08-30

Love it

Posted by saad basil 2017-08-30

star trek smurfs

Posted by Rosa Gina 2017-08-30

i like this game

Posted by Amanda Fernald 2017-08-30

Lot of fun!!!!!!$

Posted by 2017-08-30

lucky patcher download to cheat this app

Posted by Achache Yassine 2017-08-30

Good game

Posted by team thunder 2017-08-30

It's very nice to play

Posted by Golem Gamer 2017-08-29

Smurfy game

Posted by Tom's Vids 2017-08-29

Great game from my memory. But now I try to install it a few years later and I can't install it because of my devices default location!

Posted by Bela Salvador 2017-08-29

Its amazing......

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The evil wizard Gargamel and his ever present cat companion, Azrael, have finally found the Smurfs’ village and scattered our lovable blue friends far and wide throughout the enchanted forest. Come along with familiar friends, like Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy, Jokey, Greedy and the rest of the smurf family, as they guide you on a family fun adventure to build a new forest village for the Smurfs to call home.

Based on the beloved classic Saturday morning cartoon, your adventure begins with a single mushroom home and a smurflightful plot of land. Harvest your smurfberries. Build charming huts, special mushroom houses, and bridges. And decorate your village with colorful gardens, lights, flower chairs, hammocks and more!

FAMILY FUN - Build your very own Smurfs' village and create a new home for the Smurfs.

PLAY WITH YOUR FAVORITE SMURFS - Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Lazy Smurf, Baby Smurf, Handy Smurf, and Jokey Smurf

HARVEST SMURFBERRIES - Use in-app purchase to speed up the growth of your crops and your blue village.

SMURFY MINI-GAMES – While your village is growing, play multiple mini-games like: Greedy Smurf’s Baking Game, Papa Smurf’s Potion Mixing Game, Painter Smurf’s Painting Game, Lazy Smurf's Fishin' Game and a new free Handy Smurf minigame to unlock additional bonuses.

CONNECT WITH FRIENDS – Share your Smurfs Experience on Facebook and Game Center and send gifts to your friends' villages.

PLAY OFFLINE - manage your village anytime without having to connect to the internet
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